Walking is low budget.

How much is that gym pass? You know the one I’m talking about. The place that looks really cool, but you pay the fees and haven’t been back since Jan 12th. There is a registration fee. There is a monthly fee. There is a fitness consultation fee…….. They don’t make it easy to stop paying their fees. When my recent gym asked me the reason I wanted to cancel my membership and I said because I’m moving to China, there wasn’t much of a counter-argument to that. LOL However, I can guarantee they would have found some way to prevent me from leaving under normal circumstances. Soooo… if your gym pass membership is on autopilot attached to your credit card, give it a 2nd look. Cancel it or go to the gym. Going to the gym is fun. I highly recommend it. However, I don’t like paying reoccurring fees for nothing. Walking is free. There is no registration fee to get started.

Your body is awesome!

The internet has changed the world. It isn’t all great. More of us spent our childhoods cruising our neighborhoods on our bikes in the olden days USA. We even had a bike trailer with 2 seats and we would charge kids to give them rides around our neighborhood.  We always made enough money to go blow it all at the store on…. CaNdY! One thing was sure was that anyone who could be on the cover of a magazine had to be really tall and unnatural to most people THIN. Enter the new age……. Body positivity is the new Vogue. (vogue.vogue.vogue.) Nike, the athletic brand of brands, just unveiled new mannequins to fit the new world. They are (gasp!) not stick thin or extremely chiseled. I think it is awesome. I have never been on the bigger side.  I also have never been tall nor had abs of steel though. I once read that if I totally altered my diet, then my 300+ sit-ups a day would be visible. Um… NOPE. My diet is just fine. I’m not going to drink some chemical concoction to achieve that. The internet has a lot to dislike, but the fact that there is more inclusivity and representation nowadays is so cool. Instagram did that. There is garbage there, be SURE. BUT it is important to be positive about the 1 body YOU get.

walking is so underrated…..

I recently read this as a comment somewhere referring to exercise. It caused me to ponder the why…..?…. Maybe because it is something that most everyone does so it is rarely intentional. You join a gym, pay your activation fee, your monthly fees, etc…. Because you have spent  A LOT of money, you just know you are FINALLY going to get fit. Those $1000 sign-up fees will guarantee your success. I always thought it would be rather exciting to join a gym. ****I have since joined a few. ***** I came from a small town and the only ones I had used were at my high school (in a scary basement on dirt!!!) or at college in the 90s. Today’s college gyms are a little different. Think: NICER. It was fun at a “real” gym for a few years. I attended lots of dance and yoga classes. I still can’t dance, but I was at the epicenter of the Zumba craze. (In the back looking very dorky!!!!!)  After pondering the above question coupled with a book I just read called Predictably Irriational by Dan Ariely I am going to surmise it is because we don’t value what we don’t pay a lot for. In order to make walking cool, it is time to charge people a lot for it. LOL

Beware of GURUS.

A few years ago when I was learning about this new to me blogging world, I wanted to attend a conference that to my surprise was happening in my city. As usual, I was late to the game.  To my chagrin, I had no ticket to attend this event where the new age cool people were that week. Even if I had a ticket, would I be comfortable with these cool people? No. Instead, I went to watch what I could with my young children in tow since part of the event was outside in public. It was a hot day. We hung out on the periphery because the cool people didn’t use to have kids. (Now, children are incredibly useful tools for instagram pictures.)  We eventually treated ourselves to some great Mexican food and went home. Fast forward, I was recently checking the blog of the GURU who created that event. Though I have read a few of the organizer’s books, I’m not super knowledgable about this person. The blog had turned negative. Every post was now a post about how things were NOT awesome. What a letdown. This person was mortal just like me! J/K ha ha.. Unless your GURU has moved on from this life, (Muhammed, Jesus, Buddha, Insert whoever) then life will always be filled with obstacles and be wary of the guru. (The get rich like me kind, get healthy/SKINNY off my product kind, get awesome like me kind…..) I hope things turn around for this blogger. I did learn a lot from the author’s books.

twenty18 is over

I’m not a new year’s resolutions kind of person. It’s a good time for gyms to make a lot of money, but I have no interest in paying for a gym pass and not using it. When I have had a gym pass, I used it regularly.  I don’t want to get ripped. I just want to be physically fit every day of my life. When I was on the track team in 1990, I was ripped. I didn’t know it at the time. All I knew was that all my friends were faster than me and I could not keep up. Do you want to get fit? You don’t need to do something extraordinary. You don’t have to win any races or beat anyone. You just need to move. Walking is a great form of low impact exercise. Hiking is also a great form of low impact exercise. Biking is too!!! If you have weight to lose, it will come off if you stick to it. If you don’t have weight to lose, it will still benefit you. Make 2019 AWESOME!!!!

The brain on hike……

One of the main purposes of my blog was because I love to hike. I also do NOT love to run. I ran track in 1990. My friends loved it, I did not. They went on to be state competitors and now have state competitor offspring runners. Fast forward to today, lots and I mean lots of people RUN. The business of marathons is booming. My blog is an antidote for people who don’t want to run, but get their fitness on. FYI, Hiking CAN be enjoyed by runners but, hiking does NOT take skill or speed and I believe it is a very enjoyable past time; and wouldn’t it be nice to see a NIKE shirt with HIKE and a swoosh? I might actually buy that shirt instead of all the RUN +swoosh shirts. Growing up one house away from an endless desert mountain range was the only vista I knew for 95% of my youth and I have long enjoyed me a good hike. I have even enjoyed some of my best hikes with my running pals. 🙂


This is a post about hiking that I just came across on facebook.

Doctors Explain How Hiking Actually Changes Our Brains


Walking adventures…

The other day on our family walk, we encountered some other walkers. Now, I have noticed that in Boise, Idaho it is clear that there are A LOT of people who enjoy walking for pleasure. As we were entering the trail, they were exiting and they told us that they had come upon a “lynx or bobcat” just off the trail up a little ways. I got extremely interested and had to control myself not to beg them to show us. They said that since they had passed it coming and going, the chances were very high we would see it. Having never seen anything like it, (in the wild) I was so excited. We followed their directions scanning all over the place. I had long since given up when my daughter figured we had passed the place they were talking about. However, since there were 5 of us my husband and daughter in the rear spotted it. The cat was up in a tree. This animal was very well camouflaged so much so that even having it pointed out, I could barely see it until it became clear to me. It was just far enough off that I had to go off trail a bit to get a lot closer look and a decent photo. I am used to chasing red rocks and vistas on my walking adventures, but seeing anything other than generic wildlife is pretty awesome and a first.bobcat


Don’t waste your $$$ on a gym pass…

UNLESS you are going to use it or don’t care about wasting $$$. I have a lot of really fit friends, one of them who works as a fitness instructor posted some insight a few days ago. 1. lots of people join for the new year and January is pretty busy at the gym 2. they get intimidated by fit “lunks”     3. they give up. He encouraged people to START slow. Personally, I’m too cheap to join a gym and not go, but apparently many aren’t. I haven’t gone to a gym for a few years, but I was quite regular when I had a membership except in the summer when I had full time parenting. I love the classes, well not the ab focused ones. I’ve always been fit, but with belly fat. I’m fine doing whatever at the gym except I get dizzy if I spin around while dancing so I don’t spin and my core cannot compete with the regulars at pilates. I was never ashamed to lay there when I couldn’t do stuff though. Also, I secretly rooted for every really overweight person who showed up. I’m definitely too reserved to go give them a high 5, but I did it in my head. Years of Zumba with the girl who would be on the Wii video game and I still looked like the white girl with no rhythm. When I was a regular at yoga, I would have to leave before the cool down or I’d fall asleep on my mat. (Sleeping for 2 minutes and then being kicked out is oddly unpleasant.)  In yoga class, there was a guy who had so much energy that he’d do leaps in between the poses so you have to find your own groove. If the gym isn’t for you then walking is of course my favorite option. It’s as affordable as you want it to be, but you can upgrade to some great vistas as far as your budget and your imagination will allow.            HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Turned away for not wearing heels?

Last weekend, I was at a black tie event in Hollywood. (First ever black tie!) I thought a lot about what shoes I would wear. My husband is 14 inches taller than me and I knew there would be photographers (not paparazzi by any means!) at the event so I wanted to look nice next to him in the photos. I am 5’4 so not tall, but certainly not of “short” stature for a female, but short next to him. When I was first dating my husband, I bought some really high heels. They were awesome, but got goodwilled a few years after we were married cause I didn’t want to fall and break my neck. I pretty much only wear heels to church on Sunday so I was pretty worried about having to walk very far in my new or used heels. Do I want to have a really crappy time? NO!! I ultimately decided on a pair of heels that had only gotten me to the car and to the church pew and back. While getting ready for this event, the fire alarm in the hotel went off. Now I was going to get the chance to walk down 6 flights of stairs in my shoes of choice. Yippee! We didn’t evacuate immediately cause I wasn’t ready and this wasn’t our first time being in a high rise with these false alarms. When the alarm kept sounding, we went out the door. The security guard escorted us down the hall cause we couldn’t use the elevator. I got to the end of the hallway and my feet were already starting to be uncomfortable. Then the alarm started showing signs of “just kidding” and announcements to the guests to be patient, etc… Upon discovering that it was indeed “false” I was starting to be worried and annoyed about my feet. I can’t go in these shoes, but I didn’t bring any back up! We went back to the room anyway to finish what had been rushed and I remembered I had brought some black flats for the business dinner the night before. Yes! They would not much compliment my garb, but not be too atrocious and at that point I didn’t care since not coming home with bloody feet was a higher priority. I did see some women with incredible shoes, gorgeous gowns and more than a few I would trip over if I’d been wearing, but I didn’t much care and my feet survived quite nicely. Then low and behold, the news of the weekend was that a group of women got turned away at the Cannes film festival due to not wearing heels. Next time some groups needs to protest and show up in their favorite running shoes. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2015/05/22/everything-thats-wrong-with-high-heels/?tid=sm_tw

I don’t want to live in a world without sledding……

Ok I am seeing this on MSN this morning and as usual our modern litigious American society is just dumb.