Already 2 weeks into 2018.

Have you already gotten used to writing the correct year on your checks? The holiday was really long around here with school being out until this week and then a sick child the first 3 days back.  I seriously would have enjoyed a couple of days off of school somewhere else instead of all at once. We didn’t do much, but I loved not traveling. We planned on going to Utah to ski, but the snow conditions are really poor so far this year out West.  I’m really happy I didn’t invest in a ski pass this year, but we need snow in general. I did buy this pass as it worked for my 5th grader. One time use and it will more than pay for itself. Anyone with a 5th grader can buy it, not just a Utah resident. It also contains some good gear coupons, etc. There is still plenty of time to make it to the slopes without committing funds for the wrong conditions. I grew up on skis in Southern Utah at +9,000 feet and I really only want to ski in good conditions. For me, that means lots of snow and not too cold!


Our gorgeous white Christmas



1st Thanksgiving

at home since 1998. We’ve been some fun places for turkey day, but also spent a lot of time

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slaving to prepare a feast. With a very busy summer though, we couldn’t make the trek home earlier. This was the day before Thanksgiving. As the weather was unseasonably nice, Zion National Park had a lot of visitors. We drove home a different way due to the crowds and we spotted a flock of turkeys. They are a common sight in the vicinity of Bryce Canyon so I suspected we would see some and we did.

Disneyland at Halloween 🎃


We wanted to go to Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party, but it’s only on select days. AND our day was not the day! Having never been there during the Halloween season at all though, we loved the decor. The Haunted Mansion was particularly fun. I don’t wear a pedometer, but we walked a lot. We walked all the way to our hotel to crash at one a.m. Our weather was just perfect. We rode every ride we had to ride and some other fun ones too. At the end of the day, it was a success. What is your must ride Disney ride? I have to hit Pirates! every. single. time. ❤️

Spain or bust….

We had a busy summer, but we managed to get what we needed to be done: drivers ed, sports camps, swimming lessons, camping, and travel. In order to walk all over Spain, we needed a car. Travel by train in Europe is excellent, but it doesn’t take you off the beaten path. It is also not the most economical idea for a family. The biggest saving grace was that when we were hot and couldn’t take it anymore; the car kept us alive. Thank goodness for air conditioning. We visited a lot of good medieval destinations full of tourists and where we were alone to imagine the wondrous former glory of the place where we stood. Truly awesome. Deals abound in 2017 with new low-cost carriers and the regulars competing for your business so it’s a good time to go.


Once upon a time

I came to Madrid, Spain. I visited my brother who was serving a Mormon mission. I stayed with some friends he made for me and hosted me for a few days. They were Polish and Catalan. I stayed with the Polish people for a few nights. They had teenagers like me and we had a lot of fun together. Then, it was time to go on to meet the next people. They were a beautiful and proud family from the Barcelona area. I also stayed there for a few days, but they wanted to adopt me and take me home to Barcelona on a vacation. I didn’t have time nor did I know of their plans beforehand so things got awkward. I had a Eurorail pass with exactly the number of days I needed to get home. I had to leave. It was a weird situation. Usually house guests start to get on people’s nerves, but I was the house guest who had to leave. Anyway, that was January of 1994. There were flurries of snow when I came then. For the first time since, I made it back and it was a beautiful sunny day.

World Cup 2018

If you are like many people on this planet, then you love soccer. (AKA football) I’m American so I’ll refer to it as soccer. A football to me has a weird shape and is brown. We just got back from Russia. If you want to go there too, then you can get there a bit easier next year by buying a soccer ticket for the World Cup! I am not a super big soccer fan, but I used to live in Russia so we bought soccer tickets. There was a special event this summer called Confederations Cup that we attended and got visa-free entry. It was a long-held desire to return to Russia and getting a visa can be a bit of a hassle. Visa-free entry for a soccer game cut some red tape so we took advantage of it. We attended the finale game in a brand new stadium in St. Petersburg, Russia. #chiger on Instagram if you want to see awesome pics. It was a gorgeous stadium. The event was extremely safe and well executed. Russia has modernized a ton since I had left in 1994, but I was happy to see some things had stayed the same. The soccer game itself was made fun by the crazy Chileans there to support their team. The Germans who won weren’t well represented, but then apparently they win all the time so they couldn’t be bothered. LOL At the end of the night, I’m still more about American football, but visiting Russia was fantastic. Touring and walking with kids takes a toll though and our feet were sore most of the time. Luckily, we managed to not need to buy new tennis/running shoes while we were there, but I would have definitely wished for an additional pair of running shoes. We always travel light for the amount of people we are, but this time we took Norwegian air and had to pay for the bags. As every item we brought had to be carefully considered, we only got one pair of tennis shoes each. It wasn’t good enough.  Luckily, we had high quality flip flops too, but you can’t tour in those. You do NOT want to scrape your feet and catch something even though we were traveling with fantastic travel health coverage. Anyway, Norwegian Air was great and you can get phenomenal deals if you keep an eye out. They do not fly to Russia, but you can now get from the USA to Europe these days cheaper than ever. DSC_0071.JPGDSC_0096.JPGDSC_0086.JPG

Bike jam


My first time seeing traffic jams of cyclists. 

Copenhagen is a cool place. So cool that we were happy we had our sweatshirts at the end of June. Anyway, we just got to town so here are a few observations. It is beautful. If the walkway is somehow blocked off, do not take the bike path. Luckily, we walked on the (illegal?) walking path cause they have more bikers here than I’ve ever imagined. They also do not wish to slow down for dim witted, jet lagged tourists. We almost got in their way a time or two, but were quick enough to MOVE. Since my children have Danish ancestry I think we fit right in. They are either blonde or started their lives out that way and their dad is tall.