3 free nights with SPG

Just booked my 3 free nights from the stay 3 get 3 promo. We’ll be in a category 5 hotel. There are some AMAZING hotels on the list as it goes up to SPG category 6 level, but we won’t be conveniently near any of those locations and the 3 free nights expire on 12/31/14 so it isn’t possible to hold onto them for a fantastic redemption. The promo worked for our family though https://walkhikebike.com/2014/09/30/mattress-runners/ since I already had some SPG stays planned at a category 5 resort. I just will be getting them cheaper. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

mattress runners

This past week we took some little travel hacking adventures. We checked into a hotel for a targeted SPG promotion. Stay 3 get 3 free nights. My husband had already earned a free night from a stay in Japan, but the next business travel would likely take place after the promotion period ended on Oct. 15, 2014. Since we had an immediate need to use the free nights which will expire on Dec. 31st 2014, we did our 2nd official mattress running. What the heck is that? It is basically staying in a hotel for absolutely no reason other than to earn points or free nights. In this case, we had a promotion to stay in the SPG brand of hotels to earn 3 nights. Also, these stays would get us nearly to  “gold status” so it was a win/win. The key is to find a rate that isn’t very expensive and turn it around for a ROI at a later date for a hotel stay. We did it last year in the summer, but combined it with a little tourism. After finding mattress run worthy rates, we decided to go for it. However, this time, we didn’t even sleep there. We checked in on Sunday, swam in the hotel, then went home and checked out from home. We had work and school the next day plus I sleep very poorly in hotel rooms until about the 3rd-4th night of a vacation. Friday night rolled around and we did the same thing at a different hotel. It was a fun and it felt funny too. We swam, had some nachos and San Pellegrino that we brought to the hotel, watched a movie, and then drove home and checked out in the morning. We finished the promo and we’ll use the free nights at a later time this year. 3 for 3  #SPG late summer/fall promo 2014.