I grew up skiing A LOT. I don’t ski as much as I should. It’s a fun sport, but I’m not going to lie, if you don’t already know how it is a money and time investment. We don’t go enough to justify owning our own gear with growing children and getting all the rental gear for a family about makes me go crazy. Besides the fact that you need: a coat, gloves, ski pants, warm socks, etc… If any of those items get lost on the way to the lift, your budget is ruined. (Unless you don’t care about buying additional gear on the spot for a premium.) With that said, it is fun. It is really fun. If you don’t know how and want to learn, there are really great ski schools at most resorts. Do it!!!


Brundage Ski Resort



Birthday ski party

Growing up, I always skied alone. Local friends didn’t ski. I made loads of friends with people going up the lift and sometimes we’d ski together, but I was really on my own. Anyway, this past weekend we went to Utah so cousins could ski together and celebrate my nephew’s 15th birthday. I had to chaperone and tag along so nobody got lost on the big mountain we hadn’t ever been to. Nobody wanted to ride up with me so it was super fun. 🙄 Once again, I was stuck as a single rider amongst strangers making small talk. They had fun though. ❤️❄️❤️


Deer Valley, Utah

Already 2 weeks into 2018.

Have you already gotten used to writing the correct year on your checks? The holiday was really long around here with school being out until this week and then a sick child the first 3 days back.  I seriously would have enjoyed a couple of days off of school somewhere else instead of all at once. We didn’t do much, but I loved not traveling. We planned on going to Utah to ski, but the snow conditions are really poor so far this year out West.  I’m really happy I didn’t invest in a ski pass this year, but we need snow in general. I did buy this pass as it worked for my 5th grader. One time use and it will more than pay for itself. Anyone with a 5th grader can buy it, not just a Utah resident. It also contains some good gear coupons, etc. There is still plenty of time to make it to the slopes without committing funds for the wrong conditions. I grew up on skis in Southern Utah at +9,000 feet and I really only want to ski in good conditions. For me, that means lots of snow and not too cold!


Our gorgeous white Christmas


Spring break hiking

Our spring break plan of getting in one last ski day and trying out Alta, Utah was ruined due to big snow. Some people revel in those conditions, but not all and you need to keep the comfort of all in mind. I didn’t want to torture my children so we didn’t ski. We got to the parking lot and left. The news reported 10 inches that day. When we got to Southern Utah, the rest of the week had to get planned around the weather. It can be awfully windy there and you can have summer and winter in the same day. We had a window on Wednesday.  It started out chilly, but it was 70 degrees at the end. Pretty close to perfect. It was incredibly busy. On our last day, we woke to 5 inches of fresh snow in the hometown. I grew up in the area and go frequently, but I still marvel at the majesty of Zion National Park. We packed a lot of provisions. Sandwiches, granola bars, and h20. You won’t last long in summer conditions without lots of water, but you need to pack smart on a cool day too.


Heading down on Angels’ landing trail


Walter’s Wiggles 


The trailhead

Sun Valley, Idaho

Many moons ago, I married an Idaho guy. We came to Sun Valley once and never managed to make it back. We finally did and it’s a wonderful ski destination. We used our Mountain Collective passes and had a blast. 🌞⛷🌞⛷🌞⛷

Jackson, Wyoming

img_6008There is a place where people like to visit the Wild Wild West. It is a cowboy town. It is a ski town. It is the only town my mom loves besides the hometown and a summer is never complete for her unless she makes the trip. It is Jackson, Wyoming. We grew up stopping there on our visits to Wyoming where our very cool cousins lived. Since we had purchased the Mountain Collective Pass for skiing, we decided to make a ski weekend to beautiful Jackson Hole. I had never been in the winter time, but it did NOT disappoint. It was pretty darn cold though and I don’t think it was a cold weekend by Jackson standards.

Mechanical and weather delays to an inoperable plane…

img_5777When you book travel in the winter, you should definitely have back up plans. MLK weekend is a good time for skiing. By Mid January, there is usually a decent amount of snow and cold winter temperatures. We flew to Aspen, Colorado this weekend. It’s a big famous destination and I had never been there. It didn’t disappoint, despite the fact that we left higher snow totals locally. We left Boise with fresh snow a few hours late, then fog in Aspen almost kept us from being able to land, but we made it. When your trip is less than 48 hours long, you don’t have much to reschedule if your itinerary has a hiccup. Luckily, it went smoothly. I was able to get out on the slopes with 2 of my daughters. It wasn’t the best ski day of my life, but it was pretty fun. I don’t really have a favorite ski day, but when the cold crisp wind is whipping at my face when I ski, it brings me back to my youth. When your child learns to ski or do whatever, it is one of those big moments in life especially if you helped coach/train them. At our home tops would be: Reading, biking, swimming, snow skiing…. Some stuff like walking has nothing to do with parental involvement. I know cause my children just did it. Our backup plan was that it wasn’t meant to be if it didn’t happen. I’m  glad that it worked out. We also made it home 3 hours late due to an inoperable plane. It was okay, I did NOT want to get on that plane if it had issues.✈️

…Ski lessons…

I wanted to go skiing on Saturday, but I didn’t have a plan. Plans require all of the gear (coats, pants, gloves, etc.) in place and ready to go. However, it was already mid-morning when I decided it was going to happen. The nearest local resort has night skiing so we decided to do it. Now, 2 of my children already have been on skis, but 1 basically hadn’t and it was time to get her there. (The youngest did have a lesson with other students a few years earlier where she didn’t graduate to the chair lift.) We rented equipment cause I haven’t owned my own equipment since the eighties as I don’t go regularly enough. It is pretty darn easy to rent, but times it by 4 people and it becomes a lot of STUFF to deal with. Our chauffeur wasn’t going to ski so we had much needed help. When we got to the resort, we put on our gear and sent my husband for tickets.  Then, there was time to contemplate what I was doing. I was planning on teaching my youngest to ski. Was it going to be a DISASTER? Was I going to have a horrible time with her crossing over my skis and knocking me down while I got super frustrated with my inept teaching skills? She was excited so that is a good start for a student. She had been left out before so she was ready to learn. I’m not going to lie cause there were a few bad moments, but we made it down the hill on the first try with no big issues and she was skiing after that. AND by skiing I don’t mean she looked like Lindsey Vonn. She was snowplowing down the hill on her own and having a great time. If you are wondering if you want to learn how to ski, I will tell you it can be  A LOT of fun. It isn’t for everyone though. I basically grew up on skis, but I tried snowboarding for the first time a few years ago and I have never been so black and blue in my life so that is how I can relate to adults learning to ski. I will likely NEVER snowboard again.