twenty18 is over

I’m not a new year’s resolutions kind of person. It’s a good time for gyms to make a lot of money, but I have no interest in paying for a gym pass and not using it. When I have had a gym pass, I used it regularly.  I don’t want to get ripped. I just want to be physically fit every day of my life. When I was on the track team in 1990, I was ripped. I didn’t know it at the time. All I knew was that all my friends were faster than me and I could not keep up. Do you want to get fit? You don’t need to do something extraordinary. You don’t have to win any races or beat anyone. You just need to move. Walking is a great form of low impact exercise. Hiking is also a great form of low impact exercise. Biking is too!!! If you have weight to lose, it will come off if you stick to it. If you don’t have weight to lose, it will still benefit you. Make 2019 AWESOME!!!!


walking takes no skill….

but sometimes,  you take a spill…… I have been very fortunate to have been blessed with a darn healthy body. Walking is something most people can do. It is something most of us don’t even think about. A few weeks ago, I was out walking my dog and I twisted my ankle. I don’t know if my dog jerked me or if I just did something goofy and I wasn’t hardly even moving at the time. Anyway, it hurt! I knew I needed to sit down. It improved about 5 minutes later and I was able to make it home without too much irritation. I then realized I had some weeds to pick and so proceeded to weed for an hour. When I went to bed, I realized my ankle hurt. Oh yeah, I hurt it a few hours ago and forgot as I tended to things. My daughter who runs track told me to ice it. Um… that didn’t feel good so I couldn’t take much of it. It was swollen, but no discoloration. I obsessed all night over whether I’d be mobile in the morning. Luckily, it was worse off resting in bed and I was able to resume my activities the next day. It’s still not 100% a few weeks later, but it makes you think. What if I’m going to be down? What will I do? There are so many simple blessings that many of us don’t even think about day to day.

Over the river and down under

As soon as school got out for Thanksgiving break, we drove to Salt Lake City. Then, caught 3 flights to eventually end up in Northern Queensland, Australia for turkey day. It was long trek, but you eventually don’t feel it anymore. You watch movies, you sleep zzzz, you eat…. The sitting doesn’t bother me, but the turbulence is always a different story 😳. It costs 20 Aussie bucks to get a visa to enter the country and you’re in. (Apply minimum 2 weeks b4 travel) We arrived in Queensland for 5 nights with a few goals to accomplish, but no set schedule. I’ll be posting more pictures in the next few days….📷

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First thing in the morning was check out the beach in front of the hotel.


That’s as far as I ventured since it was box jelly fish season. 🌞


On the itinerary…… Mossman Gorge



Daintree rainforest tree




I enjoyed swimming in this spot. You could see fish. This swimming hole was along a 2 + kilometer loop walk we were on. We hardly encountered anyone until we got here. Most people don’t venture beyond the first river swimming area.


Amazing sunny day to be in the Daintree rain forest.

Hiking in Color Country

My dad taught me to hike. Though he is still quite mobile and active at 74,  he is no longer my hiking partner and prefers an ATV/side by side. I enjoy both. ATVs are quick and fun ways to experience things and on foot is a sweaty slower more communing with nature way to enjoy the earth. A healthy body is the biggest blessing in the world because you can use it to move around some pretty awesome places and do some amazing things. I like to move my body to go hiking. It requires no skill and only as much effort as you want to exert.


Happy Hiker… For the record, she didn’t want to go!


The boy scout/cousin in the back declared early on: I love this hike!  The other 2 were happy cause he came and they didn’t have to just go with me.


Cedar City, Utah hiking


This is the end of the trail or the beginning. My first casa is very close to here.                                                                                           






Zion National Park 


Teenager on hike 


Zion National Park Overlook Trail ****That’s moi****


Our family hiking feet + my bro.


Time to go to Springdale for some pizza.


I was not fond of crossing that thing. Zion National Park: Overlook Trail


This is the Cedar City “C” trailhead. Many American towns preferably those with some elevation have a letter on the mountainside. This “C” represents the high school I graduated from. Though I didn’t actually photograph the large “C”, I did participate in “whitewashing” it many moons ago. I have biked and hiked this trail. My father has also cross country skied it, but he said it was a scary endeavor. 


The “C” trail hike.


Descent to Cedar City, Utah

The brain on hike……

One of the main purposes of my blog was because I love to hike. I also do NOT love to run. I ran track in 1990. My friends loved it, I did not. They went on to be state competitors and now have state competitor offspring runners. Fast forward to today, lots and I mean lots of people RUN. The business of marathons is booming. My blog is an antidote for people who don’t want to run, but get their fitness on. FYI, Hiking CAN be enjoyed by runners but, hiking does NOT take skill or speed and I believe it is a very enjoyable past time; and wouldn’t it be nice to see a NIKE shirt with HIKE and a swoosh? I might actually buy that shirt instead of all the RUN +swoosh shirts. Growing up one house away from an endless desert mountain range was the only vista I knew for 95% of my youth and I have long enjoyed me a good hike. I have even enjoyed some of my best hikes with my running pals. 🙂


This is a post about hiking that I just came across on facebook.

Doctors Explain How Hiking Actually Changes Our Brains

Don’t waste your $$$ on a gym pass…

UNLESS you are going to use it or don’t care about wasting $$$. I have a lot of really fit friends, one of them who works as a fitness instructor posted some insight a few days ago. 1. lots of people join for the new year and January is pretty busy at the gym 2. they get intimidated by fit “lunks”     3. they give up. He encouraged people to START slow. Personally, I’m too cheap to join a gym and not go, but apparently many aren’t. I haven’t gone to a gym for a few years, but I was quite regular when I had a membership except in the summer when I had full time parenting. I love the classes, well not the ab focused ones. I’ve always been fit, but with belly fat. I’m fine doing whatever at the gym except I get dizzy if I spin around while dancing so I don’t spin and my core cannot compete with the regulars at pilates. I was never ashamed to lay there when I couldn’t do stuff though. Also, I secretly rooted for every really overweight person who showed up. I’m definitely too reserved to go give them a high 5, but I did it in my head. Years of Zumba with the girl who would be on the Wii video game and I still looked like the white girl with no rhythm. When I was a regular at yoga, I would have to leave before the cool down or I’d fall asleep on my mat. (Sleeping for 2 minutes and then being kicked out is oddly unpleasant.)  In yoga class, there was a guy who had so much energy that he’d do leaps in between the poses so you have to find your own groove. If the gym isn’t for you then walking is of course my favorite option. It’s as affordable as you want it to be, but you can upgrade to some great vistas as far as your budget and your imagination will allow.            HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


A few days ago, I remembered that it was my uncle’s birthday this week. Then I forgot and last night I remembered and wondered if I’d missed it. Since it was today, I sent myself a reminder last night. I visited him in February 2014, but hadn’t talked to him since; unless you count email. My uncle in his 8th decade. Once upon a time, he had a dream of building a ski resort and so he did. Sometimes we are forced out of our dreams and so he was. He would again go on to successfully start, run, and manage another big business venture until in his eighties. He still travels the world to remote off the beaten path destinations. To say the least, he is fit, healthy, and leads an active lifestyle. However, he has gone through some very challenging personal situations as you’d expect from anyone who had made it that far. I am currently reading a book about success and failure. A key element is that we must ADAPT. Last year, I talked to him about some of his life experiences and it was very interesting. He was mostly a businessman so we talked about that. When you are a child, you don’t ask a lot of questions and I was with him a lot as a child. As an adult, I like to be very inquisitive into others’ lives. It is amazing the things you learn. Before the internet and blogosphere, we could only learn from people we knew or people who were interesting enough to be written about in books. Now, I am constantly made aware of others’ challenges and honors like cancer and their kid making prom queen from facebook. The world has evolved a lot and some of it is for the better. Birthdays are a good excuse to reconnect and texting doesn’t count. You never know if you will get another opportunity.

August already???

The past few days have been around 100 degrees in Portland, Oregon. After living here for 8 years, I have a low tolerance for hot days like that so I stay inside during the heat. We have had some nice pleasant walks in the night though. I like the warm temperatures, but I don’t like the sun beating down on me. When I was growing up, we would go to Las Vegas  to a waterpark and once when it was 118 degrees at 10 night it was just awesome. There was a temperature and clock that hovered high in the sky at a casino next to the waterpark so that is how we knew the temperature. Tomorrow, we are embarking on a long held goal. It is amazing how goals can be so hard to achieve. In my youth, my education goals were what was the most important thing to my existence so I was pretty dedicated and then when schooling was done the paths were endless and more complex. I LOVE the beginning of the movie UP that shows the man and his wife saving up for their goals, but always other stuff gets in the way. It is really profound and true to life. Yesterday, I was at the dentist since my daughter was getting her braces off. My dentist runs a thriving practice as the only dentist and her husband had a high powered job and he was also the primary care taker for their teenagers. Last time we talked, she told me they would play tennis for 4 hours a night most nights when she would get home from work. I was astonished cause I knew it I ran a dental practice that I’d be on the couch every night not being able to move from exhaustion. However, she was energetic beyond my imagination. Fast forward, I had heard something was wrong with her husband since we had had some appointment cancellations in the past few months which we were fine to work around. So, I asked if he was okay………. and he is dying of a terrible aggressive cancer and she is now running her practice and the show. Tennis has been sidelined for them indefinitely. Life can change is a second. Life is precious. Goals are important, but some people aren’t lucky enough to ever get that far.


After a long day of having fun when home last week, I checked my facebook feed and I discovered that some of my old buddies had gotten together that day and they had gone to lunch together. The reason for the get together was that one of them lives in Okinawa, Japan. I figured that I had missed my boat since I was heading out the next morning and commented out loud to my sister in law and my mother that my friends had all gone to lunch together. Oh well….. I don’t like commitment with old friends as it is enough of a challenge just to visit family members. Later that evening, we went to a community event and my sister in law says that she sees my friend….. My luck has changed and I get to visit with my good friend while she is stateside from Okinawa as her husband is a dentist there with the US Air Force. It was so awesome to see her since it had been several years and then she told me to come to a party with our other friends that she had been to lunch with earlier in the day. So, I ended up hanging out with people I hadn’t spent time with in over 25 years as a group. It was my old track team buddies. They were fast back in the day and now I was meeting the next generation. (—the offspring as a few of them had married each other)  One of them even said that his soon to be senior is the fastest in the school. To some people that might seem pretty arrogant, but since mom and dad were also super fast back in the day, it was simply a fun to hear fact. My friends were all pretty much nerdy athletes so it was a good wholesome group to grow up with. I never lived and breathed running like them though and spent more of my youth in my music and travel pursuits. There are now 2 high schools in the hometown and 2 of my old friends had to leave the party to get to bed cause they had to wake up and coach cross country in the morning; one at each of the now rival schools. Life goes by in the blink of an eye. FUN NIGHT!

Do you have the luck of the Irish?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Do you have any exciting plans for this holiday? I have been taken for an Irish girl on more than one occasion and told that because I have dark hair and pale skin: “you must be Irish.” Last year, I went home to Ireland to see my people for the first time and I didn’t see my doppelgänger anywhere. Actually, I know for sure that my ancestors came from England and Scotland, but I’m pretty sure there is also Irish in there too. My children on the other hand have more of a mixed heritage. They have Scandinavian roots so all 3 came out blonde. As I didn’t understand anything people were saying to me in my ancestral homeland, (Ireland) I must be AMERICAN. Seriously, I didn’t understand those people AT ALL. My Irish seat mates on the airplane were perfectly coherent, but the locals were from Ireland or something so I just pointed and smiled when ordering food and hoped it turned out edible. I loved the Irish vegetable soup! Now, you’re probably thinking who cares about the soup, I’d go for the beer; but nope, Mormons (us) “usually” don’t travel for the beer so I didn’t get any Irish beer. We did manage to tour practically the entire country in less time than has ever been done before. We did more miles in one day than some Irishmen have done in a lifetime. (When you’re from the American West, driving LONG distances is pretty normal.) The day we visited the Ring of Kerry was incredible. I highly recommend this famous drive. It was a sunny mother’s day (in Ireland) Sunday and we had the road to ourselves. In fact, it looked like Hawaii the sun was sparkling so much on the water. Chances are our luck of the Irish would never hold out again since the road is usually crowded with tour buses and less awesome weather or so I read in my guide book. I DON’T recommend driving there as it was FRIGHTENING, but we definitely got the best insurance and we got out remarkably UNSCATHED. Those poor Irish people always being invaded by American tourists who can’t drive!

On Sunday, I followed my daughter to support the Portland Shamrock run. She was playing in the band and we got to be entertainment. They got paid!! $$$$ (to support the school band program of course) It rained a lot and nearly blew me away while I was setting up the tents they were to play under. I had always wanted to support runners, but not bad enough to go into the city early in the morning so this was my chance. There were supposedly 35,000 people running that day. I was pretty good at cheering and the runners really loved the band’s support. The students played for hours with no water and minimal breaks to catch their breath. In return, a lot of the runners expressed their appreciation as they went by. There were runners of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.