2019 just doesn’t feel like 2019

Because….. I have not written one single check with 2018 on it. The last check I wrote was in July so that’s why. I was in safe territory for not messing up a check in month 7 of a year. Luckily, I slowly started banking online a few years ago. I just felt as if electronic transactions somehow felt less REAL so I put it off. Would I then fritter away money if it felt less real? I was an early bird onto the internet, but some stuff I just didn’t jump at. However, living in China, I had to fully embrace electronic banking. So, here I have had no constant reminders that oh ya it’s a new year when I have to rewrite a check for the 5th time.

Otherwise, how is everyone’s cleanse going or not going? Eating clean for 2019? That rhymes!!!! A blog name in the making…..Β  Getting super thin for bathing suit season?? I love to see transformations of people who change their lifestyle, but yoyo diets are a joke. Don’t yoyo diet! Eat healthy in MODERATION and MOVE.


Soul food

I like fried chicken, fried catfish, fried okra and fried food. I must be a Southerner. Well, I hale from Southern Utah, but not the South. I just spent a week in Atlanta. I was attending a conference with my dad. The speakers were awesome and inspiring. We also visited the city when we couldn’t take inspiring speakers anymore. We visited the Martin Luther King memorial. It was educational. I knew nothing about his wife and she was a very accomplished woman in her own right. We ended at a famous restaurant for soul food called Mary Mac’s. If I ever make it twice to Atlanta, I’ll be going back.


MLK memorial