2019 just doesn’t feel like 2019

Because….. I have not written one single check with 2018 on it. The last check I wrote was in July so that’s why. I was in safe territory for not messing up a check in month 7 of a year. Luckily, I slowly started banking online a few years ago. I just felt as if electronic transactions somehow felt less REAL so I put it off. Would I then fritter away money if it felt less real? I was an early bird onto the internet, but some stuff I just didn’t jump at. However, living in China, I had to fully embrace electronic banking. So, here I have had no constant reminders that oh ya it’s a new year when I have to rewrite a check for the 5th time.

Otherwise, how is everyone’s cleanse going or not going? Eating clean for 2019? That rhymes!!!! A blog name in the making…..  Getting super thin for bathing suit season?? I love to see transformations of people who change their lifestyle, but yoyo diets are a joke. Don’t yoyo diet! Eat healthy in MODERATION and MOVE.


twenty18 is over

I’m not a new year’s resolutions kind of person. It’s a good time for gyms to make a lot of money, but I have no interest in paying for a gym pass and not using it. When I have had a gym pass, I used it regularly.  I don’t want to get ripped. I just want to be physically fit every day of my life. When I was on the track team in 1990, I was ripped. I didn’t know it at the time. All I knew was that all my friends were faster than me and I could not keep up. Do you want to get fit? You don’t need to do something extraordinary. You don’t have to win any races or beat anyone. You just need to move. Walking is a great form of low impact exercise. Hiking is also a great form of low impact exercise. Biking is too!!! If you have weight to lose, it will come off if you stick to it. If you don’t have weight to lose, it will still benefit you. Make 2019 AWESOME!!!!

‘Tis the season for a GYM PASS… :0

I’m not a follower. I always do my own thing. I am really bad with directions on even the simplest projects. So….. I joined a gym again after a few years off from my previous diligent,  yet not psycho gym attendance. (—but I didn’t do it for the new year I joined in early November…) Anyway, I walked into the gym knowing that I was already going to join. It was not very simple as I had to have a tour and tell them my life story and agree to a health assessment before I could finally just JOIN. Anyway, I am back in fitness classes and having a good time. I was incredibly weak on my upper body the first few classes, but immediately I started to get stronger. The weeks passed and I had to go to my assessment. I really wanted to get my actual age info. but they didn’t give it to me probably cause I said no to the personal training 10 times and needed to leave. I really didn’t want to miss my yoga class for the week for that. The local yoga teacher has a fond need of calling me out to fix my poses and like I said above, I’m not good with directions. However, it’s an amazing class. She has some incredible moves, but I’m content to be improving on my upper body strength. The snazzy poses…… I might never get to.  My advice if you join a gym in the next few weeks or ever. Go. Don’t be a statistic that pays and makes the gym richer for nothing.

I got a personal trainer recently….

IMG_6301He is a relentless drill sergeant. He is highly unpredictable and makes me work out every day. Sometimes, he wakes me up multiple times a night. After having 3 children and being woken at random times in the night for years, I wouldn’t have ever planned to be awakened for anything much.  We walk a lot. Of course I enjoy that sort of thing, but he makes me or he’ll drive me nuts and punish me if we don’t work out. He is almost 4 months old.

Over the river and down under

As soon as school got out for Thanksgiving break, we drove to Salt Lake City. Then, caught 3 flights to eventually end up in Northern Queensland, Australia for turkey day. It was long trek, but you eventually don’t feel it anymore. You watch movies, you sleep zzzz, you eat…. The sitting doesn’t bother me, but the turbulence is always a different story 😳. It costs 20 Aussie bucks to get a visa to enter the country and you’re in. (Apply minimum 2 weeks b4 travel) We arrived in Queensland for 5 nights with a few goals to accomplish, but no set schedule. I’ll be posting more pictures in the next few days….📷

If anyone needs gear 🏂or Christmas gifts, click on my Patagonia icon on the website. They are having their best sale of year. They have tons of stuff at 50% off plus free shipping. Patagonia is a good quality product and not cheap. It doesn’t go on sale very often.


First thing in the morning was check out the beach in front of the hotel.


That’s as far as I ventured since it was box jelly fish season. 🌞


On the itinerary…… Mossman Gorge



Daintree rainforest tree




I enjoyed swimming in this spot. You could see fish. This swimming hole was along a 2 + kilometer loop walk we were on. We hardly encountered anyone until we got here. Most people don’t venture beyond the first river swimming area.


Amazing sunny day to be in the Daintree rain forest.

Hiking in Color Country

My dad taught me to hike. Though he is still quite mobile and active at 74,  he is no longer my hiking partner and prefers an ATV/side by side. I enjoy both. ATVs are quick and fun ways to experience things and on foot is a sweaty slower more communing with nature way to enjoy the earth. A healthy body is the biggest blessing in the world because you can use it to move around some pretty awesome places and do some amazing things. I like to move my body to go hiking. It requires no skill and only as much effort as you want to exert.


Happy Hiker… For the record, she didn’t want to go!


The boy scout/cousin in the back declared early on: I love this hike!  The other 2 were happy cause he came and they didn’t have to just go with me.


Cedar City, Utah hiking


This is the end of the trail or the beginning. My first casa is very close to here.                                                                                           






Zion National Park 


Teenager on hike 


Zion National Park Overlook Trail ****That’s moi****


Our family hiking feet + my bro.


Time to go to Springdale for some pizza.


I was not fond of crossing that thing. Zion National Park: Overlook Trail


This is the Cedar City “C” trailhead. Many American towns preferably those with some elevation have a letter on the mountainside. This “C” represents the high school I graduated from. Though I didn’t actually photograph the large “C”, I did participate in “whitewashing” it many moons ago. I have biked and hiked this trail. My father has also cross country skied it, but he said it was a scary endeavor. 


The “C” trail hike.


Descent to Cedar City, Utah

The brain on hike……

One of the main purposes of my blog was because I love to hike. I also do NOT love to run. I ran track in 1990. My friends loved it, I did not. They went on to be state competitors and now have state competitor offspring runners. Fast forward to today, lots and I mean lots of people RUN. The business of marathons is booming. My blog is an antidote for people who don’t want to run, but get their fitness on. FYI, Hiking CAN be enjoyed by runners but, hiking does NOT take skill or speed and I believe it is a very enjoyable past time; and wouldn’t it be nice to see a NIKE shirt with HIKE and a swoosh? I might actually buy that shirt instead of all the RUN +swoosh shirts. Growing up one house away from an endless desert mountain range was the only vista I knew for 95% of my youth and I have long enjoyed me a good hike. I have even enjoyed some of my best hikes with my running pals. 🙂


This is a post about hiking that I just came across on facebook.

Doctors Explain How Hiking Actually Changes Our Brains


The bikes are in business.

Well one of them is not, but we still have 5. So… It was off for our first Boise bike ride. The weather has been fantastic so we hit the road. I was the designated safety monitor from the back to make sure my youngest didn’t end up down a ravine. As she braked quickly once right in front of me, I almost did. 🙂 The biking trail was a lot of fun. There were all sorts of characters whizzing past us on their Saturday fitness activity. The majority were pretty respectful as I had a pretty unstable biking companion and I enjoyed hearing the birds singing. It was like everything had come to life. As we were going at a pretty leisurely pace, I was reminded of a conversation I had with one of my best college friends several months ago. We were in Budapest and they had bikes to rent so I said I wanted to go biking. My friend had flown in from Russia to hang out with us. He informed me that he would not be biking anytime soon. “It was basically for losers.” I chuckled and told him that if he ever came back to Utah to visit me that I’d require him to get on a bike. He then conceded that he would do it, but under no circumstances could I put a picture on Facebook so that our other friend would see it. The reason being is that our friend has a very fancy Jaguar and I suppose the accoutrements that go along with it and they both got their MBAs together at the same time. So, the one without the Jag definitely doesn’t want to be seen on a bike.  Russian culture is very flashy so a bike would be way too much for losers. It was funny to think of the cultural differences as we pedaled today and remember his funny bike bias.

SUPER BOWL weekend

Once upon a time, my mom went to the Super Bowl. It’s a funny story cause she could care less about football.  It was a long time ago in the eighties. My aunt was a huge football fan so my mom got dragged along as a sidekick a lot to Rams games as my aunt was a season ticket holder. Through that channel, they got tickets to the Super Bowl.  We always enjoyed hearing about the interesting characters they would sit by at the games and so we were super excited for her to go to the big game. We knew we would get a sweatshirt when she got home, but it was a sweatshirt of the losers. (THE BRONCOS)  Fast forward a few decades, I enjoy football. I enjoy the camaraderie, but I really have no idea what is actually going on. Neither one of my brothers played football. They were not exactly hefty. My dad’s sport of choice was walking mountainous terrain and emerging when he was good and ready. This usually involved great distances. It turned off my mom quite early in their marriage so she has always refused to walk/hike with him. My dad and I have had some good hikes together from an early age to now when he has dramatically slowed down. You don’t have to be fast to hike, genetically special, or anything like with football. However, this weekend I will turn on my tv. I will enjoy some nachos, wings, and probably some Coca Cola. I won’t know what is going on during the game and I won’t care who wins, but I’ll enjoy a bit of this classic American past time.

Walking adventures…

The other day on our family walk, we encountered some other walkers. Now, I have noticed that in Boise, Idaho it is clear that there are A LOT of people who enjoy walking for pleasure. As we were entering the trail, they were exiting and they told us that they had come upon a “lynx or bobcat” just off the trail up a little ways. I got extremely interested and had to control myself not to beg them to show us. They said that since they had passed it coming and going, the chances were very high we would see it. Having never seen anything like it, (in the wild) I was so excited. We followed their directions scanning all over the place. I had long since given up when my daughter figured we had passed the place they were talking about. However, since there were 5 of us my husband and daughter in the rear spotted it. The cat was up in a tree. This animal was very well camouflaged so much so that even having it pointed out, I could barely see it until it became clear to me. It was just far enough off that I had to go off trail a bit to get a lot closer look and a decent photo. I am used to chasing red rocks and vistas on my walking adventures, but seeing anything other than generic wildlife is pretty awesome and a first.bobcat