2019 is on her final lap….

IMG20191227112146.jpgWe traveled a lot in 2019. Living abroad means seeing new things and places, but still having family obligations at home. We saw a lot of new cities and cultures in 2019, but yesterday we saw a place near home that we had never seen before. The Utah Olympic Park. My daughter was born during the SLC olympics in Salt Lake City. It was an exciting time.  We came home for the holidays in 2019.  We enjoyed my favorite thing of a “White Christmas”. Where will you be taking your final lap of 2019?  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


3 years ago for Christmas, we became a dog family. I grew up with parents who grew up around lifestock and they did not want animals themselves. Growing up, we had a cat and a dog at different times and some strays adopted us at intervals, but NEVER a house pet. After getting our Christmas puppy, I learned just how often some pet owners walk their dogs. I had never noticed. I had never needed to care. After I got a dog, I started seeing dogs and their people. Before, I walked a lot, but it was JUST moi. Recently, I joined a dog walking group. My new German friend lives in an apartment and walks her 90 lb. lab A LOT. I have an active breed dog, but he is happy to walk ten miles with me one day and chill the next. I have a walking blog and even I don’t want to walk as much as my friend. I am having fun in my new club, but I don’t want to commit to walking with companions (besides my dog) more than once a week.