Have you seen the Christmas stuff in the stores? I have even in China. LOLOLOL The Christmas stuff doesn’t exactly look the same. There was a yellow Santa Claus! NO, JUST NO!!!! Well, I’m one of the people who does NOT like seeing Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. I understand that stores have such insane quantities of stuff that the merchandising must begin well in advance of the holiday, but for me and my house we will have Thanksgiving decor until at least after turkey day.  Last year, we had a very pathetic little Thanksgiving dinner. It was the best we could muster without an oven in our home in China. Ovens are NOT a normal thing here. We have one now because we moved into foreigner housing.  I have made our entire Thanksgiving meal many many times since we have mostly lived away from extended family. I enjoy the process of purchasing a turkey in advance, preparing the menu, and executing the meal. I will be going home for the holiday. I am very excited to cook the food and EAT it. I also have some one on one hikes planned with my new teenager. We aren’t all going due to the lack of school days off. That means that children preparing for AP tests in the spring DO NOT get turkey day week off. Thanksgiving is such a cool holiday. #givethanks

Walking is low budget.

How much is that gym pass? You know the one I’m talking about. The place that looks really cool, but you pay the fees and haven’t been back since Jan 12th. There is a registration fee. There is a monthly fee. There is a fitness consultation fee…….. They don’t make it easy to stop paying their fees. When my recent gym asked me the reason I wanted to cancel my membership and I said because I’m moving to China, there wasn’t much of a counter-argument to that. LOL However, I can guarantee they would have found some way to prevent me from leaving under normal circumstances. Soooo… if your gym pass membership is on autopilot attached to your credit card, give it a 2nd look. Cancel it or go to the gym. Going to the gym is fun. I highly recommend it. However, I don’t like paying reoccurring fees for nothing. Walking is free. There is no registration fee to get started.