Have you had all the summer fun you planned? Our summer has been over for a few weeks now due to back to school in early August. This summer, we flew to Las Vegas. We drove in the middle of the night to Southern Utah and then we had non-stop activities. I met up with some old friends and we had a lot of fun. We drove up to Boise, Idaho so my children could meet up with their friends. My 12-year-old had every minute planned on her social calendar. We stayed in downtown Boise for a week and it is a very fun small city. It was also sad because we were uprooted from there and we don’t really plan on moving back. Then, we headed back to Utah for some college tours and a small town fourth of July. When it came time to leave, I nearly caused us to miss our flight back to China. That would NOT have been good. All of my efforts to get to the airport early and then getting distracted by the airport shops at the last second nearly did us in. We were the last people to board and they had just started calling our family name. :0

Recovering from my jet lag took a long time, but then we left again a few weeks later. We went to Seoul, Korea for an awesome almost 2 days. Then, we went to Honolulu for more college stuff. I was on my own so I had some bike rides around Waikiki. It was good and bad. Being on a bike is so liberating. However, I do NOT like biking around cars. Also, I am fine with renting a bike, but a rented bike helmet on my head was just gross. Hawaii is beautiful. I wasn’t there for a normal vacay, but it is a great place to have a traditional dream vacation. We came back and it was time for school to begin. I love back to school time of year, but early August when it is still roasting feels weird.


Wearing our new college gear from the hometown in Dalian, China.