A lesser known place…


City of Rocks, Idahoย 

We recently went to visit family in Southern Utah. 2 daughters went to summer camp with my sister in law. We stayed busy, but didnโ€™t get in tons of hiking time. There was a nice evening trip to Zion to hike. It was a much better time crowd wise not to get the day rush. On the return trip, we took a detour to a place my husband really likes. It was in his neck of the woods growing up and I had only gone once. Itโ€™s called City of Rocks. There is a lot of camping and itโ€™s fairly remote, but not too far off the freeway. Itโ€™s a pretty place. There were rock climbers doing their thing. I donโ€™t do that. Iโ€™m weak on my upper body and though I enjoyed rappelling once as a kid, I donโ€™t really care for dangerous ย heights and leg/hand scrapes.


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