World Cup 2018

If you are like many people on this planet, then you love soccer. (AKA football) I’m American so I’ll refer to it as soccer. A football to me has a weird shape and is brown. We just got back from Russia. If you want to go there too, then you can get there a bit easier next year by buying a soccer ticket for the World Cup! I am not a super big soccer fan, but I used to live in Russia so we bought soccer tickets. There was a special event this summer called Confederations Cup that we attended and got visa-free entry. It was a long-held desire to return to Russia and getting a visa can be a bit of a hassle. Visa-free entry for a soccer game cut some red tape so we took advantage of it. We attended the finale game in a brand new stadium in St. Petersburg, Russia. #chiger on Instagram if you want to see awesome pics. It was a gorgeous stadium. The event was extremely safe and well executed. Russia has modernized a ton since I had left in 1994, but I was happy to see some things had stayed the same. The soccer game itself was made fun by the crazy Chileans there to support their team. The Germans who won weren’t well represented, but then apparently they win all the time so they couldn’t be bothered. LOL At the end of the night, I’m still more about American football, but visiting Russia was fantastic. Touring and walking with kids takes a toll though and our feet were sore most of the time. Luckily, we managed to not need to buy new tennis/running shoes while we were there, but I would have definitely wished for an additional pair of running shoes. We always travel light for the amount of people we are, but this time we took Norwegian air and had to pay for the bags. As every item we brought had to be carefully considered, we only got one pair of tennis shoes each. It wasn’t good enough.  Luckily, we had high quality flip flops too, but you can’t tour in those. You do NOT want to scrape your feet and catch something even though we were traveling with fantastic travel health coverage. Anyway, Norwegian Air was great and you can get phenomenal deals if you keep an eye out. They do not fly to Russia, but you can now get from the USA to Europe these days cheaper than ever. DSC_0071.JPGDSC_0096.JPGDSC_0086.JPG

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