Bike jam


My first time seeing traffic jams of cyclists. 

Copenhagen is a cool place. So cool that we were happy we had our sweatshirts at the end of June. Anyway, we just got to town so here are a few observations. It is beautful. If the walkway is somehow blocked off, do not take the bike path. Luckily, we walked on the (illegal?) walking path cause they have more bikers here than I’ve ever imagined. They also do not wish to slow down for dim witted, jet lagged tourists. We almost got in their way a time or two, but were quick enough to MOVE. Since my children have Danish ancestry I think we fit right in. They are either blonde or started their lives out that way and their dad is tall.

Soul food

I like fried chicken, fried catfish, fried okra and fried food. I must be a Southerner. Well, I hale from Southern Utah, but not the South. I just spent a week in Atlanta. I was attending a conference with my dad. The speakers were awesome and inspiring. We also visited the city when we couldn’t take inspiring speakers anymore. We visited the Martin Luther King memorial. It was educational. I knew nothing about his wife and she was a very accomplished woman in her own right. We ended at a famous restaurant for soul food called Mary Mac’s. If I ever make it twice to Atlanta, I’ll be going back.


MLK memorial

Summer is here….

The weather has turned warm. Yesterday it was hot. I didn’t hardly do anything besides go to a Greek Festival for some good food and I ended up with a terrible headache from the heat. School is officially out for us. We have a busy summer planned. Summer is the time to try new activities and have a break from the old. Growing up, I was always covered in popsicle stains down the front of my shirt and scabs on my knees during the summer. I think I’d wail if I scabbed up my knees now and my kids sure never have looked like that. Back in the day, my mom would force us to read for an hour and then send us off to the city pool on foot or bikes. I was NO bookworm so it was torture. The pool every single day got boring, but it was the routine.  Now as a parent, I realize my mom sent us to the pool for her sanity. What are you looking forward to this summer?