Jackson, Wyoming

img_6008There is a place where people like to visit the Wild Wild West. It is a cowboy town. It is a ski town. It is the only town my mom loves besides the hometown and a summer is never complete for her unless she makes the trip. It is Jackson, Wyoming. We grew up stopping there on our visits to Wyoming where our very cool cousins lived. Since we had purchased the Mountain Collective Pass for skiing, we decided to make a ski weekend to beautiful Jackson Hole. I had never been in the winter time, but it did NOT disappoint. It was pretty darn cold though and I don’t think it was a cold weekend by Jackson standards.

Mechanical and weather delays to an inoperable plane…

img_5777When you book travel in the winter, you should definitely have back up plans. MLK weekend is a good time for skiing. By Mid January, there is usually a decent amount of snow and cold winter temperatures. We flew to Aspen, Colorado this weekend. It’s a big famous destination and I had never been there. It didn’t disappoint, despite the fact that we left higher snow totals locally. We left Boise with fresh snow a few hours late, then fog in Aspen almost kept us from being able to land, but we made it. When your trip is less than 48 hours long, you don’t have much to reschedule if your itinerary has a hiccup. Luckily, it went smoothly. I was able to get out on the slopes with 2 of my daughters. It wasn’t the best ski day of my life, but it was pretty fun. I don’t really have a favorite ski day, but when the cold crisp wind is whipping at my face when I ski, it brings me back to my youth. When your child learns to ski or do whatever, it is one of those big moments in life especially if you helped coach/train them. At our home tops would be: Reading, biking, swimming, snow skiing…. Some stuff like walking has nothing to do with parental involvement. I know cause my children just did it. Our backup plan was that it wasn’t meant to be if it didn’t happen. I’m  glad that it worked out. We also made it home 3 hours late due to an inoperable plane. It was okay, I did NOT want to get on that plane if it had issues.✈️