Queensland part deux

After unplanned swimming at Mossman Gorge, we ended up with a lot of dirty clothes. Since we pack light for a family of 5, we had to do some laundry on day II. While we waited for the clothes, we shopped around Port Douglas. img_4757 There are a lot of sugar cane farms in the area and this is called the sugar wharf I believe. There was also a sign to not swim due to crocodiles. I didn’t see one croc the whole trip, but it wasn’t for lack of effort. I didn’t choose to become bait by swimming though. Port Douglas downtown had a lot of nice shops and restaurants. We found an additional grocery store to get supplies. We discovered that our travel required many many grocery store trips for food due to being in a hotel and largely avoiding restaurants. A family of 5 eats a lot. We were either shopping for a meal or shopping for snacks for a hike. When I am hiking or venturing alone, I don’t need as much thought for provisions besides water. However, in a group with children the whining goes way up when provisions are lacking. We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming at our hotel and relaxing for the next day we were headed to the Reef.



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