I don’t cook….

I overheard a cheer mom the other day say that she doesn’t cook. “I can’t cook.” Today, I read a Twitter comment by a man who has never cooked. NEVER??? I’ve been preparing meals for myself for a very long time. I prepare meals for a family a lot. My limit is 2 real and delicious meals per day. Beyond that, I refuse to prepare a serious dish.  Most of the time it is some variation of leftover. With that said, both my parents could and did cook and so can my husband. I don’t understand how a person could exist without this experience. It sounds absolutely dreadful to eat out every meal. Today, I made treats all day. It is 🎃 Halloween season  👻  and we have a party, so yeah I can cook, bake, etc…  Can you cook?


School treats DIY

Zion is booming…

What do you do when a beautiful destination becomes too popular? Last summer when I visited Zion, it felt like Disneyland. I ❤️ Disneyland so I was okay with it. However, it was weird. It is hard to imagine that not long ago, everyone drove right up to the hike. It was kind of a mess before a shuttle solution, but now it has outgrown the solution. http://www.sltrib.com/home/4469358-155/zion-national-park-considers-limiting-visitors


This is a photo taken at our family ranch.  My grandfather was a rancher who lived in the Nevada desert in the winter and on the mountain in Southern Utah in the summer. It is so remote you are never sure whether you will be able to get in there. We had a great day there with family. My grandfather would have probably found it funny I write about hiking. He mostly just worked and “hiked” after a missing sheep if necessary. He lived his life on horseback. Ironically, it was the other side of my family that I rode horses with. I have been on some epic horse rides and been bucked off epically too. My grandfather was pretty old most of my life, but he would have been cool to hike with. We took him to Disneyland in the eighties and that was definitely an adventure for him. Though he rarely left his ranch or Southern Utah, his offspring have lived all over the world on missions and for employment. 🇺🇸img_2014