Sydney pics…

Most of my photos are done on my iPhone, but occasionally my sidekick will bring his good camera. I just found these pictures today. We walked around Sydney a lot in 5 days. The highlights included: the coastal walk Bondi-Coogee on a warm day, Coogee-Bondi on a blustery cold day, walking across the bridge (free) in lieu of the expensive bridge climb, waking up early and hitting the Sydney fish market, the botanical gardens, Β a night at the symphony at Sydney Opera house, and trying interesting cuisine. Carmen was playing at the Opera house too, but I didn’t know so I didn’t have tickets and it was too late. It looked absolutely awesome in the brochure. Also, we played Carmen in high school and we “took state” orchestra with that piece so I really wanted to go. I did figure I could sneak in and play along since I was wearing all black anyway. I like to attend world class performances any time I can. If you think they must be too expensive, think again. I have heard the most famous violinists for not much more than you’d pay for a movie ticket. You can pay a lot to sit in “the right” seats, but there are seats at many price points and it is something to consider if you want an experience. Classical musicians truly are underpaid and incredibly talented.

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