A hike gone really wrong…🏔

imageimageWe went to a football game in Salt Lake City this weekend. I wasn’t going to go until the last moment since my kids would miss 2 days of school and a Thursday night was highly inconvenient. Anyway, I dragged the 4th grader along to keep me company on the 5 hour drive from Boise. We had a blast meeting with family for the football game and then planned on hiking up in the Big Cottonwood Canyon of Salt Lake City on Friday morning with just the 2 of us. Well, the little one cried that she was too tired and just wanted to go home. We compromised and decided to go shopping in downtown. By shopping, I mean walking around the shops before the 5 hour return. When we got downtown, we discovered it was the Comic Con Convention. My interest was peaked to go pass by and see what interesting people we could observe. Now, Comic Con is probably the least likely place on the planet I would intentionally attend, but I couldn’t resist since we were already there. Well, I discovered that Henry Winkler was there among other “celebs,” I said: THE FONZ??? Yes… Okay, I’ll go see. Well, $40 to get my picture taken with him. Um… NO! I wouldn’t pay 40 bucks to have my picture taken with anybody. I’ll only pay that for an entry fee to hike a park and take a picture with a tree. Comic Con was interesting, but mostly I find most of that stuff as dry as they would find a hiking blog. 🤓 We didn’t have much time there, but it was pretty epic for that sort of thing.


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