Happy 100th National Parks!


Zion is my undisputed favorite!

Growing up near the highest concentration of national parks in the United States and near some of the most iconic world images was awesome. Frankly, people didn’t travel a ton then and there was NO internet so we didn’t know much else. It was a rural area. It still is, but there are many more services and conveniences now. πŸ™ We were mostly all white people and Native Americans. I used to literally go to sleep to the beat of the pow wow drum. Β We knew we had hot summers, cold winters, and the wind blew you over sometimes. We also knew we had cool red rocks, but we longed for the green landscapes we saw on tv. When I was 15, I came to Zion with Rotary exchange students who had come to Utah from all over the world. I had a really fun weekend and it was the first time seeing my home with new eyes. I was leaving for my own exchange to France and they were finishing up their time so we had a weekend party/convention. Later, when I was 18, I lived and worked in the park. It was an awesome summer of working and hiking. Let me tell you, there is nothing like waking up there. It is so awesome. If you get the chance to visit, stay in close proximity or inside the park. If you haven’t ever visited, there is plenty of time. These landscapes were millions of years in the making, but don’t wait that long. Make the effort!!! People of all ages will enjoy it. This summer, I enjoyed watching pictures be taken of a very flexible yoga poser and selfie takers near ledges with thousand foot drops. I was ready to leave before witnessing the aftermath of that, but yep you’ll get a great selfie there. πŸ€“

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