Hiking to the ice cream shop…🍦

This weekend, we went on a last minute, before back to school jaunt to Northern Utah. We didn’t want to travel too far so we decided to go to Logan, Utah. This is an off the beaten path small city. I knew my parents would be up for a little getaway from the other end of the state so I invited them and they met us there. All I wanted to accomplish was hiking β›° and getting ice cream🍦. Since we had a birthday that week, we had to help grandma choose a present so that took up a lot of time. Β We got headed up Logan canyon a bit late, but it was cooling off from a hot day so it was fine. Having never hiked this destination before, our intended trail didn’t work out since we didn’t give ourselves enough time. 3 miles up a cliff face we weren’t familiar with and an appointment for ice cream didn’t leave us enough time. Not getting ice cream in Logan is not an option. They have a great creamery on the campus of Utah State University. It’s a must do in the area. We still managed to go for a nice stroll up the canyon and make it for Aggie ice cream as night fell. 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦 Figuring out how to deal with a multiple scoop order was not fun though.

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