In modern times, members of the LDS (Mormon) church like to reenact our historical settlement of the Western United States. My own ancestry arrived in Utah in 1847 so it is both a personal history and a history of a religion. Anyway, 2 of my daughters participated in this event this summer. I was nervous and excited to send them on a 3 day mountain/desert walk with a few hundred other trekkers and friends in the faith. Β They would all be wearing period attire or our best 2nd hand store attempt at it and camping in tents. We prepared their personal effects over a long time and then I dropped them off to go on trek. 3 days of walking can cause some hardship and wounds so it was not an easy task to prepare for. One of my children was resigned to the fact that it was happening, but lacked enthusiasm. The other one was probably excited to escape me for 3 days so she was down with it. Anyway, they came back safe and sound. Unlike my walking all over Sydney and ending up with sores on my ankle, they came home unscathed. As this wasn’t a thing Mormons really did in my youth, I never did trek. I’m sure they will never forget their experience.

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