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Utah has some really weird names of towns. I could list off some of the more unique ones which relate to the local culture, but I won’t. Other unique ones are Native American words. The top word referring to a meteorological event is actually the name of a town near Zion National Park. It is pronounced HUR-i-KUN. Depending on who you encounter, it could also be pronounced: HAIR-i-KUN. Don’t worry, you are very unlikely to encounter a “hurricane” if you are visiting the area. I do not know why it is named that! When I was living in Salt Lake City many years ago, we had a tornado. It was a rare event. I remember being in my front room watching the trees on their sides and thinking that was quite odd. Later that day on the news, the explanation was that we had had a tornado. Tornados are not normal in Utah either, but I have never known of an actual hurricane.

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