Summer season


Boise River floaters…. 😎

It has been very hot! 🌞 To beat the heat, we have been at the pool a lot. The thing to do in Boise is to float the river and we did that for the 1st time. βš“οΈ We also went to a water park. I am apparently too old cause what brought me immense joy as a youngster brings me little now. We used to go to the waterpark in Las Vegas🎰. My dad or mom would make the 3 hour drive from Southern Utah and we’d play all day until 10 pm closing. Then, they’d drive us home. They had some serious energy and ❀️ to do that cause I can barely tolerate a few hours and a 30 minute drive. My cool dad would also chaperone my brother and his friends to many wild eighties heavy metal 🎀 concerts in Vegas. Β As I just bought my daughter her 1st rock concert tix, I have been contemplating this. Personally, I have been to very few rock concerts, but many many classical performances as a 🎻 musician that is my preference. As a sidekick to a much livelier older brother, it was always fun to hear the wild concert tales. 🎟 Did your parents sacrifice anything similar to cater to you? πŸ€“

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