The last hurrah…


We enjoyed a breakfast with a nice view.


The hot cocoa was awesome. The oysters were good, but not my usual breakfast of choice. French toast with bacon or eggs, hash browns, sausages, etc.. ย The food here looked so awesome and one couple was having a literal dinner feast at 8 in the morning. Maybe they were travelers too so time was less critical.ย 


I learned to eat oysters many years ago, but eating live stuff was not normal when you come from the desert. I had never had oysters with caviar though.

The last night in Sydney, we went to a restaurant a friend recommended. When our hotel concierge had trouble making the reservation it only caused more anticipation. It took + 3 calls by concierge and a Facebook message. Ultimately, I think they don’t get a lot of concierges making a reservation there. ๐Ÿ˜ณ We are not foodie people so we decided to splurge since we never do. This friend had one of the best meals of her life there. Now I know not to trust this friend. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, we arrived on foot at some small restaurant with us and a large private engagement? party. So… It felt like we were crashing their party and we didn’t belong. The foodie food, we both determined just tried too hard. The best food to me is a great steak and salad bar up the canyon in my hometown at a historic Western restaurant. ย Next to that, I can cook what I want. We did have some good ethnic food in Sydney though in a food court. The food court served food on plates with silverware so it was definitely a more upscale food court than the US throwaway lifestyle. We really couldn’t recommend the foodie farmhouse restaurant since it was NOT our style so said friend doesn’t even know we went. When I see her in Utah in a few years, I will already have forgotten. ๐ŸŒป The last Sydney highlight was an early morning trek to the Sydney Fish a Market. It was awesome. The early morning chill and stillness on the water made for a very memorable experience. After that, we walked the Coogee to Bondi trail before heading back home to Idaho.

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