in the city🏛🚢….

It got cold enough yesterday that I had to buy a ski cap. Luckily, I found a cool store called #Kathmandu @TheRocks with sales on winter clothing at the right time. I get inner ear pain sometimes if my ears get cold so I needed a hat. After that, we made our way to the bridge to cross. The bridge climb is way expensive and it’s not my style to pay a lot of money for something that could terrify me. Walking across the bridge is a free must do. It was cold and windy, but fun. After, I wanted to go check out Chinatown. My husband says he doesn’t get my fascination with Chinatowns. What is not to like? Of course we couldn’t eat there since they don’t take credit card. I read that credit card use isn’t as easy here, but I’m committed to making it work. I did it successfully over 20 years ago as I solo Eurorailed. I only ate pretty much where they took my credit card. Of course they didn’t take it in the train station in Estonia in Jan. 1994,  but I ate like a king there by changing a few bucks so it worked out. 👍 image



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