Fire season

It is fire season in the Western United States. The past few days have brought a major fire to a small town in Southern Utah that my ancestors settled. The fire is in really rugged territory above the historic town of Pine Valley, Utah. Then, we woke up this morning to discover that there is a local fire in Boise. We have had a week of 100 degree temps. In fact, all of the roads surrounding our house are closed to fire personnel since we live near the blaze and the water source. Since our home was shuttered for a/c, we opened the windows for morning air and quickly discovered how unpleasant the smoke smell was for us despite the relative safety of a mere few miles. We quickly shut the windows. Most of the Boise blaze is in the hills, but we just discovered that the one house Β so far destroyed belonged to a member of our church congregation. They are safely with relatives. The location of the fire is above our church building where we were just hours before the blaze started. Anyway, we have a lot of beauty in the American West, but the summers bring a kind of fear. FIRE. Firefighters have such an incredibly hard job. Every year, brave men and women live out near the fires and fight them in treacherous conditions of sweltering heat and rugged territory. Sometimes, they lose comrades. Β Superheroes.

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