Where would you go?


Where would you go when you sell your app and make millions or in the even less likely event; you win the lottery? It is all the rage in the blogs I follow to hear about people leaving their jobs for travel. Where would you go?

My mom was a rancher’s daughter and spent the summers of her youth in the above abode. It is in a very very remote location and has been in the family since the late 1800’s. It was always too dilapidated in my lifetime to sleep there, but there used to be cool artifacts inside. In the late eighties, a man retired to my home area trading in his 2 Rolls Royces (or not) for some horses, wagons, and a cowboy hat. He enjoyed being in the local parade with his gorgeous horses and living his dream of living off the land. My uncles didn’t follow in the family business since they knew ranching and cowboying was tough. It’s a lot easier to be a rancher when you sell your app or in the above case of the eighties, sell out your huge stake of a major US corporation.

I quit my job many summers ago to raise children. We were most definitely not financially free.  Apps didn’t even exist, but the first internet bubble was bursting. I don’t think I could quit to flop around the planet though. We have traveled a fair amount with kids and we were so ready to go home last year by the end of week 3. Now people want to go to Bora Bora. I do too, but after about 3 days, I’d be bored bored! I do want to jump out of an over water bungalow someday so bad though. If you are feeling blue cause nobody is downloading your app or your lotto numbers never get called and you too want to travel the world, you don’t have to wait until then: google budget travel, miles and points blogs, etc… The travel deals are better than ever right now and I have been watching them for over a decade.

(Disclosure: Good Mormons don’t believe in lotto tickets so I save a lot of $$ for travel by never EVER buying them.)

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