ALMOST off a cliff with my child……

Since I am back on my desktop computer, I have access to a whole different array of photos. This was in December 2013 when we went to Arches National Park. We hiked Delicate Arch with our family. When we got to the final uphill stretch, a lot of people were falling down on the trail. It was not looking good. We definitely didn’t have crampons, but we were nearly at the top so we pressed on. We got up in time for some nice photos and then left. The sun was going down and we weren’t going to be left up there for the night. On the way down, I fell down while holding my then 6 year old’s hand. On my side was a drop off; it wasn’t certain death, but certain broken bones and a rescue. I fell and my daughter came down with me. I smashed her hand into the snow and brought her down, but I didn’t go over. I was a bit injured, but grateful and we got up to thankfully return to sandstone a bit further on and we got back to the car as night was starting to fall. There will be a lot of people heading to Arches National Park this weekend. Instead of snow, it will probably be fairly hot and crowded.


Before or After?


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