Laptop death….

My laptop died the other day. I was online and it looked like when those old tvs would fizzle out. All of the sudden, colored lines crossed my screen and it was over. I hadn’t seen that before so I figured it wasn’t great, but I was confident my trusty technical sidekick could revive it. It was not to be. I am back in the saddle on my older than my dead laptop computer. It still works great, but I had been enjoying my computer from my Lazy Boy for quite the while.

The school year is nearing completion. People are starting to ask what my plans are…. I can’t believe another summer is almost here. I usually have a fair amount of stuff I have to get in. Now that I am writing this post, I am remembering last year having so much to cram into summer. We had to get to a family reunion that we hadn’t been to in years and then about a million other things. It feels the same way right now, but I successfully carved out specific dates for the must dos: hiking, swimming lessons, family visits, camps to improve hobby/skills, farming job, travel. We are not great swimmers at our house so we definitely need our lessons for that! Hiking requires NO skill and if you didn’t already know it, I highly recommend this activity. Do you have any exciting plans for summer?


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