My first mountain bike….

I got my first mountain bike for my birthday in the 5th grade in May 1986. I wanted a ten speed bike so bad. It must have been the thing to get, but I didn’t get it! The 10 speed was the bike with the cool curled handle bars and super skinny tires. I really really wanted a 10 speed. What did I get? A mountain bike. What in the world is this UGLY thing? It was utter disappointment. It was red with fat tires and a boy’s bike to boot. Seriously, I did not want this hideous bike. Since it was the bike I got, there wasn’t much else I could do besides ride my banana boat bike that I got for my 1st grade birthday. So…… I was stuck with this red Team Murray (I think.) mountain bike. When mom outsources the bike buying to dad, that’s what you get. In a hometown that would later be a place for mountain biking, we had probably the first mountain bikes since soon thereafter dad bought himself one. When I was around 15, I got my first Specialized bike. Then at 20, I got my sister’s fancier used Specialized bike. I’ve been riding it now for years. I have lately considered getting a trike for my birthday for the past few weeks and tried one out this morning at this totally awesome bike store in Boise. I didn’t fall in love with it as it felt weird, but I almost wanted to buy myself another cruiser since those are my favorite bikes. Boise is a big biking city and we are usually either in the road of someone biking or someone is in our road so I bought myself a new horn this morning. It was a smaller investment than a bike, but a pretty cool doodad to adorn my pink Electra. My first mountain bike is long gone, but the birthday disappointment will never be forgotten. 🙂

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