ALMOST off a cliff with my child……

Since I am back on my desktop computer, I have access to a whole different array of photos. This was in December 2013 when we went to Arches National Park. We hiked Delicate Arch with our family. When we got to the final uphill stretch, a lot of people were falling down on the trail. It was not looking good. We definitely didn’t have crampons, but we were nearly at the top so we pressed on. We got up in time for some nice photos and then left. The sun was going down and we weren’t going to be left up there for the night. On the way down, I fell down while holding my then 6 year old’s hand. On my side was a drop off; it wasn’t certain death, but certain broken bones and a rescue. I fell and my daughter came down with me. I smashed her hand into the snow and brought her down, but I didn’t go over. I was a bit injured, but grateful and we got up to thankfully return to sandstone a bit further on and we got back to the car as night was starting to fall. There will be a lot of people heading to Arches National Park this weekend. Instead of snow, it will probably be fairly hot and crowded.


Before or After?

Laptop death….

My laptop died the other day. I was online and it looked like when those old tvs would fizzle out. All of the sudden, colored lines crossed my screen and it was over. I hadn’t seen that before so I figured it wasn’t great, but I was confident my trusty technical sidekick could revive it. It was not to be. I am back in the saddle on my older than my dead laptop computer. It still works great, but I had been enjoying my computer from my Lazy Boy for quite the while.

The school year is nearing completion. People are starting to ask what my plans are…. I can’t believe another summer is almost here. I usually have a fair amount of stuff I have to get in. Now that I am writing this post, I am remembering last year having so much to cram into summer. We had to get to a family reunion that we hadn’t been to in years and then about a million other things. It feels the same way right now, but I successfully carved out specific dates for the must dos: hiking, swimming lessons, family visits, camps to improve hobby/skills, farming job, travel. We are not great swimmers at our house so we definitely need our lessons for that! Hiking requires NO skill and if you didn’t already know it, I highly recommend this activity. Do you have any exciting plans for summer?

Airplanes, horse and boat ride, oh my…

I used to live with my uncle and aunt in San Antonio, Tejas during part of many summers when I was a tween to 18. It was always an adventure. The place had giant spiders that would cause me the worst nightmares imaginable, but a lot of stuff was fun and different.  Anyway, my children hadn’t been down there since they were really little and my uncle is getting up there in years, albeit more physically in shape than most 50 year olds, so I needed to go. The only way to get there for me is by airplane. I love traveling, but I hate flying. When there is the slightest bit of turbulence, I am a basket case. Since there was an off duty pilot in uniform flying on the opposite aisle as us and even he stirred awake from all of the bumps and constant fasten seat belt light sign on, I felt no relief until we landed. Upon landing, we headed to the river walk for a dinner cruise my uncle had booked for us. The weather was fantastic. I wasn’t sure how I’d enjoy eating on a boat even 3 feet from land, but it was fun and the food was excellent. We went to the zoo the next day and saw many animals I had never heard of before and then came back to the house where catching frogs in the ponds was a highlight. No! I do NOT want to catch frogs with YOU!! The next day, we hit the Alamo and then we all rode a horse carriage around downtown. It wasn’t my idea and it reconfirmed that I am allergic to horses even in my vicinity, but it was fun for everyone. Next, was my favorite place in town:the mercado. I love colorful Mexican trinkets. We saw so many trinkets that my head was spinning. Then, back to the house for more frog catching before boarding our flight home. I marvel at the miracle of flight, but I am always happy to land on the ground.


The Alamo is pretty well photographed, but I liked this view from the inside of the walls to the post office across the street. 


Mi Tierra. I have never seen a restaurant this beautiful anywhere else! 


My first mountain bike….

I got my first mountain bike for my birthday in the 5th grade in May 1986. I wanted a ten speed bike so bad. It must have been the thing to get, but I didn’t get it! The 10 speed was the bike with the cool curled handle bars and super skinny tires. I really really wanted a 10 speed. What did I get? A mountain bike. What in the world is this UGLY thing? It was utter disappointment. It was red with fat tires and a boy’s bike to boot. Seriously, I did not want this hideous bike. Since it was the bike I got, there wasn’t much else I could do besides ride my banana boat bike that I got for my 1st grade birthday. So…… I was stuck with this red Team Murray (I think.) mountain bike. When mom outsources the bike buying to dad, that’s what you get. In a hometown that would later be a place for mountain biking, we had probably the first mountain bikes since soon thereafter dad bought himself one. When I was around 15, I got my first Specialized bike. Then at 20, I got my sister’s fancier used Specialized bike. I’ve been riding it now for years. I have lately considered getting a trike for my birthday for the past few weeks and tried one out this morning at this totally awesome bike store in Boise. I didn’t fall in love with it as it felt weird, but I almost wanted to buy myself another cruiser since those are my favorite bikes. Boise is a big biking city and we are usually either in the road of someone biking or someone is in our road so I bought myself a new horn this morning. It was a smaller investment than a bike, but a pretty cool doodad to adorn my pink Electra. My first mountain bike is long gone, but the birthday disappointment will never be forgotten. 🙂