Travels to the South and then to Southwest Florida

Traveling to visit Mickey Mouse wasn’t far enough so we had to go North a bit to visit the South. We had never been to the South before. We made the trip to visit cousins that we see during the summers in Idaho, but we had never been to their home. After standing in lines the previous 2 days, sitting in a car for several hours was a welcome relief. It was a rainy drive through Georgia and I thought it was very beautiful.  We arrived on Friday evening and 6 kids slept out in a tree house in Auburn, Alabama. The next day, we enjoyed Southern style barbeque, visiting their nice college town, and some Easter activities. We hadn’t planned on going there so we didn’t stay long though. We then left “the South” and went South to Southwestern Florida. We were staying on the gulf in Punta Gorda, Florida. I had found a hotel on the waterfront where they provided bikes to their guests. As soon as we arrived, we were on bikes. It was a lot of fun. It was muggy and a flat level bike ride left me sweaty like a pig, but I hadn’t really even exerted myself on the beach cruiser. At one point, we came in contact with the local biking club and I almost got in their way. We are more  the leisure biking crowd though so we quickly moved off to the side and let the real bikers through. 🙂 We woke the next day and enjoyed more biking and swimming at the hotel. Spring break was coming to a close though so we headed back to Orlando to catch our flight home. After all of the Florida traffic, we were very happy to return to much less populated Idaho.


Punta Gorda, Florida


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