The worst place to go for Spring Break!!


I planned a trip to Disneyworld for my daughter’s  birthday in February, but then cancelled it so our family wouldn’t miss school and booked it for spring break. With a teenager, missing school is becoming more challenging. For several weeks leading up to the trip, I didn’t want to do it since the crowds would be horrendous. Well, they were pretty terrible, but I LOVE Disney as a rare treat so we went anyway. We arrived at our hotel after 2:00 a.m. local time. (Since we live in MST, it was really only midnight.) This was actually quite nice since there was nobody on the road and it was a good chance to find our way around without traffic. We had only been to Disneyworld once, 10 years ago and it is a big place. (We are much more familiar with Disneyland.) Day 1 was going great until we saw the increasing crowds and felt the heat. IMO, Disney is best at night so I told everyone we should go back to the hotel and rest for a bit so we could make it until closing time. (Getting to the Magic Kingdom took forever from the hotel though so the plan didn’t seem very good, but we have done Disney enough to know that it is more fun at night.) We went back and had a little rest on the hotel bed and food so we could make it until past closing, which was our goal. SUCCESS! It was a great move for us and it made the hours we had much more enjoyable. The next day, we did Hollywood Studios. We had spring in our step and a much more manageable parking lot for that park. However, my feet were soon screaming in pain and the spring in my step was short lived. There is nothing worse than standing in one place for an extended period of time on your feet. With that said, wear your best shoes. I saw a lot of people in flip flops. I’m pretty sure we were all better off in our running shoes. We had a great time notwithstanding, but we got rained out a few hours early on night #2. Just when we were hoping the ride lines would be in our favor. Anyway, Disney is the worst place to go for spring break because everyone wants to go there and too many are there. The best time to go to Disneyworld is hurricane season when the crowds are LOW, but I don’t really think I’ll ever dare do that.


 (The one on the left got a 1st time pin when we bought the tickets.) 1st time Disneyworld.

Getting to Disney is never a cheap endeavor. However, if you want to do some research you can save lots of money by going off season or looking at “miles and points blogs.” Just google that and you’ll find many tips.It takes planning though!  The one in the pink is my Southwest companion pass partner which means she flew free with me. (We had to pay taxes though.)

2 thoughts on “The worst place to go for Spring Break!!

  1. We used to go very often during hurricane season. Only an issue once and the storm went towards Texas instead. We had rain bands and wind for a day or so but NO ONE was in the parks. It was almost creepy empty on that Labor Day trip.

    • I bet! Kids eat free deal ALWAYS tempts me at that time of year. I actually like a bit of crowd or it just doesn’t feel as exciting for some reason. 🙂 Disneyworld is so enormous though. As an experienced Disneyland goer, I just can’t wrap my head around the place. 🙂

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