It isn’t spring break for us yet, but the excitement is growing. I noticed on my Facebook feed that my nieces were already on spring break. So… that means my other friends will soon start complaining about the traffic from spring breakers invading Southern Utah. 🙂 March is here and I saw that my tree had some leaves on it and there were daffodils out. I have no flowers in my yard and I don’t know that I care for this year. However,  in Boise spring has sprung. We wanted to take a bike ride on Saturday as it was a great day, but my husband discovered some wrecked tires after purchasing a tire tube for a bike we knew was already dead. I had already noticed that my bike tires were full of thistles after our rides. What is this going to mean? Somebody will pop a tire every time we take a spin. UGH! Every environment has its’ annoyances. I grew up with tumble weeds and dirt. Then, we lived in the Oregon rain for years, but we never tracked a thistle into the house for my child to step on and start wailing. Bike tires don’t fair much better than child’s feet! On the other hand, endless Oregon rain gets OLD.  Now in Idaho, we have to be careful tracking thistles into the house. The thistle is an evil creature in the desert that somehow jumps on you and gets on your shoes and clothes.


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