weekend jaunt

We spent the weekend in Salt Lake City. We didn’t go skiing. In fact, there is often too much to do in Utah for me even to recreate so I have to make it a priority. We met my parents at the Little America hotel. If you are ever in Salt Lake City, that is the place to stay. It’s historical and classy. My mother loves it there. Each time I go, I am reminded of how quaint and awesome it is there. We had basketball tickets so we took the train up to my alma mater and watched the University of Utah basketball team. My daughter came with us because I am willing to buy a ticket for a child who wants to come, but the other 2 didn’t so they save me $$.ย After we won the game, we decided to linger and walk around campus. There is nothing like progress and new buildings all around to make a person start to feel pretty old. After that, we celebrated 2 birthdays and woke up to meet some other relatives flying in. It was a nice coincidence that they were in town at the same time as I hadn’t seen one of them since 2005. We had lunch together at our favorite Mexican food, the Red Iguana, and then dinner with more family in transit back to Boise. A family filled weekend with a little walk thrown in.


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