What did you do on Saturday?

I went walking with a group of 12-75 year olds in a river. We were reenacting the Mormon pioneer trek. My ancestors, as well as many of the people who I was with, crossed America and settled in the Rocky Mountains in the 1840s-1850s.  In modern times, Mormons like to take technology and comfort away from their children on occasion and make them do hard things. We gathered together for an educational and inspirational meeting about the purpose of our event and then we drove in dozens of BMW’s to the Boise River. (BMW=BIG MORMON WAGONS/ often a minivan or Suburban) I had 2 children attending the event since they had to be at least 12 by the end of summer to be able to participate. We had purchased our best thrift store pioneer gear for them and many of the youth/adults were also dressed in 1800’s garb. There was a lot of excitement and fear.Excitement cause you were with your friends and fear cause it was going to be COLD in the water. One boy said: “I didn’t even know I was coming, I thought I was going to the store!” I chuckled seeing how his mom had potentially tricked him. Although the elements were not harsh on this February day like the event we were reenacting, they had to cancel the original place of crossing as rains had made it impassable 2 days before. On Saturday, the temperature was probably about 50 degrees and sunny. In the water, it was a different story. It was painfully cold. This river crossing was to kick off an event Mormons call “trek.” Trek wasn’t something that was done when I was young so this was my first time being involved. There will be a 3 day hot and sweaty walk/camp in the summer which will be the main event for trek.


This was one of many groups.


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