What do you think of beards?

Growing up Mormon, beards were frowned on unless they were on our ancestral heros. Jesus and Brigham Young for starters… We were always taught to be well groomed and having a beard was culturally a bit fringy. My own non-Mormon dad never sported any facial hair. He was an early riser and took care of that. When I was dating my husband in the late nineties, I once spotted him on the University of Utah campus with the makings of a beard and I was not having it. Fast forward to today and beards are all the rage. Until recently, I lived in Portlandia suburbs for 8 years, but I didn’t really know it was a thing until last year when I was at Nordstrom in Salt Lake City shopping for shoes and every one of the workers had a beard.  A light bulb went off in my head that this is TRENDY!?!?!? I am always late to the party. Several years ago, my husband grew a beard and it made him look very professorish, but it didn’t last long. He also was sporting one when we reunited in Idaho at Thanksgiving after our home on the market/job separation. His daughters quickly informed him to get rid of it. It was gone a few days later cause ultimately it was itchy. So… I have to say I used to hate beards….. Now, I’m sort of coming around to the trend. For the record, not everyone looks good with it though. 😉

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