Walking adventures…

The other day on our family walk, we encountered some other walkers. Now, I have noticed that in Boise, Idaho it is clear that there are A LOT of people who enjoy walking for pleasure. As we were entering the trail, they were exiting and they told us that they had come upon a “lynx or bobcat” just off the trail up a little ways. I got extremely interested and had to control myself not to beg them to show us. They said that since they had passed it coming and going, the chances were very high we would see it. Having never seen anything like it, (in the wild) I was so excited. We followed their directions scanning all over the place. I had long since given up when my daughter figured we had passed the place they were talking about. However, since there were 5 of us my husband and daughter in the rear spotted it. The cat was up in a tree. This animal was very well camouflaged so much so that even having it pointed out, I could barely see it until it became clear to me. It was just far enough off that I had to go off trail a bit to get a lot closer look and a decent photo. I am used to chasing red rocks and vistas on my walking adventures, but seeing anything other than generic wildlife is pretty awesome and a first.bobcat


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