iN WiNteR

There is a storm brewing back East that has a lot of people prepping for gridlock. I don’t know why, but I am really into the news with these weather related storms. I am particularly happy when the news portray people stranded in airports during the holidays and I am warm and cozy at HOME. I have flown enough during the holidays to know that I’m lucky to get to my destination. One time in Detroit on New Year’s Eve, our flight crew didn’t show up so we got hotel vouchers and told to come back the next day. It was awesome when we had one diaper to spare. It was a great way to get miles when you have a legitimate complaint. (I don’t condone frivolous whiners though!) My own mother was finally willing to go somewhere for Christmas one time and then Portland, Oregon got totally snowed in. Luckily flights were cancelled before they made the trek for full refunds and not stuck miserably at the airport with NO WAY to get them 30 minutes drive from my house. Usually it is a safe bet to fly out of LAS, but I’ve been there with snow too!

My hometown did an article in the newspaper last year saying that in the whole history of the school district they had never had a snow day so could all of the move-ins please stop asking for them. In Southern Utah, we have snow!!!! However, I was a student at the University of Utah on one of their historic snow days. It was an epic storm! I lived on campus so it was a bit dead and eerily silent, but awesome.

Are you a snowbird or do these events energize you?

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