…Ski lessons…

I wanted to go skiing on Saturday, but I didn’t have a plan. Plans require all of the gear (coats, pants, gloves, etc.) in place and ready to go. However, it was already mid-morning when I decided it was going to happen. The nearest local resort has night skiing so we decided to do it. Now, 2 of my children already have been on skis, but 1 basically hadn’t and it was time to get her there. (The youngest did have a lesson with other students a few years earlier where she didn’t graduate to the chair lift.) We rented equipment cause I haven’t owned my own equipment since the eighties as I don’t go regularly enough. It is pretty darn easy to rent, but times it by 4 people and it becomes a lot of STUFF to deal with. Our chauffeur wasn’t going to ski so we had much needed help. When we got to the resort, we put on our gear and sent my husband for tickets. ย Then, there was time to contemplate what I was doing. I was planning on teaching my youngest to ski. Was it going to be a DISASTER? Was I going to have a horrible time with her crossing over my skis and knocking me down while I got super frustrated with my inept teaching skills? She was excited so that is a good start for a student. She had been left outย before so she was ready to learn. I’m not going to lie cause there were a few bad moments, but we made it down the hill on the first try with no big issues and she was skiing after that. AND by skiing I don’t mean she looked like Lindsey Vonn. She was snowplowing down the hill on her own and having a great time. If you are wondering if you want to learn how to ski, I will tell you it can be ย A LOT of fun. It isn’t for everyone though. I basically grew up on skis, but I tried snowboarding for the first time a few years ago and I have never been so black and blue in my life so that is how I can relate to adults learning to ski. I will likely NEVER snowboard again.


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