Vintage hiking pic…

We downsized from a house with tons of storage to A LOT less storage so I made my husband go through his things the other night to dejunk. He had a number of photos of us when we were newlywed or dating that I had never seen. Wow, you never know what you’ll find when you go through your stuff. In typical male fashion, his photos had never come out of the old envelopes that they were purchased in.ย This was life in the olden days. We had photos that you could actually touch and feel. I don’t remember this hike, but isn’t my nineties style awesome? That t-shirt could fit 2 of me!


Hiking Zion circa ’99

That’s a lot of gear I’m wearing. I’m rarely so prepared these days which is why we had to eat at the Zion cafeteria last summer. I was smart enough to realize that hungry kids would wreak havoc on the hike if we didn’t fuel up first. Hiking in Utah sans H20 is not something you’ll live to talk about though.

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