On Christmas day, we went sledding behind our house. It was kind of sad since there wasn’t a lot of snow. Like 2 inches maximum! But…When you have a child begging you, you make do. On New Year’s Day, we tried again. This time, we drove up the canyon and stopped in a beautiful spot that was plowed and had other sledders. I went many times, but since the snow was not fresh I felt like my head didn’t approve the hard landings. (A few years ago, I signed up for Taikwando. They were not used to many non-child students, but there were a few men in the adult class. I took a kick and my head felt like crap for a week. I was fine with the karate kid moves, but I didn’t like my head getting touched. I also didn’t like the subservient elements to the class! So… I went once and called it good with my groupon. That was the first time I thought, maybe I’m getting old cause my head didn’t bounce back from that jostling.) So, I also didn’t enjoy the way my head felt after the rough sledding. It was cold, but the child who insisted on sledding was very happy. I was sad to take down the Christmas tree this year, but when all of the stuff was put away, I was ready to move on and get in a regular routine again.sledding


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