Walking in a winter wonderland….

I was supposed to start making sugar cookies, but I got distracted. The highly anticipated snow started to fall. I had pretty much given up on it happening, but it did. When I realized it was snowing, it was time to go for a walk with the family. There is NOTHING I love more than fresh falling snow and when it happens for Christmas eve, then I’m really happy.  We now live with mountains in our back yard and also near the Boise river green belt so we headed down there to find our way for the first trek in our new front yard. Then it was home to prepare the feast for our Christmas celebration. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!snow1snow2snow3

Christmas day hike

Once I sat next to a professional wildlife photographer on an airplane and I was awed by his wonderful photos. I cannot keep track of my own. The different mediums of technology drive me nuts. I stayed with print photography longer than most and now I’m usually only equipped with my antique iPhone. Incredibly, I have stacks of photo albums. I know this because I recently had to find a home for them (due to my move) and I have way too many. I’m starting to see the merit in technology, but then it will change and my 8 track tapes will be useless once again. 😉 Anyway, I just got my main computer back from storage and found these photos of Christmas day 2011. Zion is my favorite place for hiking and I go there when I’m home. -photos by my sidekick

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Wrapping presents is a work out!

Today, I spent half the day wrapping presents. I did it cause it needed to get done and to avoid the real work of organizing my home. I hit a wall a few days ago on the move in organizing and I just don’t care anymore. The wrapping was hard work and I don’t look forward to doing it again for another 11 1/2 months. This week there was a lady who went viral on the internet for posting a picture of her Christmas tree which was 3/4 of the way covered in presents. She got a lot of backlash for that. Apparently, it’s a thing for people to brag on Facebook about the quantity of presents they give their kids so she was kicking off that season???? I don’t have any friends who do that!?!? It must be the same people who don’t #optoutside. (LOL 🙂 ) At any rate, I don’t know why anyone would want a tree covered up by gifts, I actually LOVE a decorated tree. I grew up going to the mountains to hunt for our Christmas trees. My mom was partial to piñon pines and they were really ugly. So… we had some goofy looking trees in the seventies, but then I balked a lot and insisted on more attractive trees. ALWAYS REAL!  As an adult in Oregon, the land of gorgeous Christmas trees, we always used a fake. You buy it once and it’s pre-lit! Do you enjoy wrapping presents or just UNWRAPPING?

A new address….

After many months of monotony and stress, we are in our new home in Idaho. (I have had internet for now 3 hours+)We flew my husband here over labor day to start a new job and then we returned to start a school year under some less stressful circumstances (same friends and school) and continue to try to sell our Oregon pad.  We wanted to build a home/cabin above the city of Boise in the mountains, but I thought better about how I have 3 school aged children that would eventually need to have some social scene other than hiking with mom and dad AND most importantly how I don’t enjoy driving…….. So, we found a house at the base of the mountain range in the city limits. As I unpacked the contents of my existence, (going on several days now…) my children have vocally been planning many hiking adventures in their new backyard without me. As they were cunningly making plans of their own, they didn’t realize that I was saying within myself #WINNING cause the previous hikes/walks etc. were often met with #WHINING. Then, I realized that it was probably because I have so trained them to these adventures that maybe they don’t actually like them, it’s just that we have spent every last waking minute cleaning a house for a showing and now they can do something normal again. I choose to believe I am winning though. 🙂

December to remember

One year ago today, we were in Tokyo. It is amazing how time flies. Most of the time, I forget about our whirlwind family trip around the world. Then, there are moments of remembering our crazy adventures. This photo was where we ate dinner on December 1st 2014. Let me tell you, when you awaken to the fact that for the first time in your life you CANNOT READ, you are very happy with McDonald’s and the ability to point. Fast forward to December 1st 2015, my children started school today in Idaho. This moving adventure has been a whole different type of adventure. I consider myself an experienced traveler, but a novice mover.

On another note, my mom is on her way to NYC with her nieces. My mom has traveled quite a bit, but she is a reluctant traveler and has done so largely because she would come visit me or my dad would drag her. My adventurous genes definitely do NOT come from the maternal side of my family. For the past few years, my mom has been traveling with her nieces because she has no sister and they are all getting up in years and had better visit things soon. My mom has been to NYC twice with me,  but my current and future travels are too physical for her so she has needed to find other alternatives. I’m proud of her for taking this adventure cause it’s a big deal for her to get out of her comfort zone of small town Utah living. She has always wanted to see NYC for the Christmas decorations so at 76 she is finally making it happen.

Are you a reluctant traveler that can relate or an adventurer?