The Situation….

I’m not going to wax poetic about last week’s events in Paris. I already commented once this year about the other episode. As the recent event happened late at night, I felt confident that my best friend from my teenage years was safely at home with her children. And… Thanks to Facebook I was able to verify her status and that of another good friend. Sometimes I absolutely loathe Facebook, then I have to remind myself that good real world encounters have happened for me because of it.  Furthermore, I would just be completely unaware of the drama that goes on about some of the most benign things in life.

For example, yesterday I came across a petition on that some of my fellow Americans were complaining about a toy at Walmart that offended their sensibilities. It then occurred to me that I guess for them the world should revolve around their LITTLE offenses. It doesn’t matter that there are real injustices in the world, they were offended. The silly part is that it came after serious events, but some are already back to infantile fantasy land grievances.

Today, I have professional movers at my house. I am going off to hike some way less green pastures in my near future. 2015 has been a big crazy adventure.  After over 8 years, it’s time to leave the rain forest. Oregon is just an awesome place. We have visited many of the highlights here: Crater Lake, Oregon Coast, Wallowa Lake, PORTLANDIA, and my children have had all of their secondary education experiences thus far here. It’s time to go though.

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