Halloween 2015 is history

Halloween in suburban Portland. This was the closest think I get to 4 -wheeling these days. My 13 year old wasn't happy to get to be the photog.

Halloween in suburban Portland. This was the closest thing I get to 4 -wheeling these days. My 13 year old wasn’t happy to get to photograph my childishness in the rain.

I did something really dreadful for Halloween this year. I didn’t walk around my neighborhood with my youngest child. I did what I have occasionally seen others do……. Β I followed my child in my car to do her trick or treating. It was raining hard most of the day here and the rain was supposed to be done around the trick or treat hour, but it wasn’t. I sent my other 2 children off to friends’ houses, but I was not off the hook with my youngest. She begged and pleaded and I just didn’t want to get drenched! At the last minute, I told her to go herself and I’d follow her in the car. We only went to well lit homes and in between well lit homes, she would jump back in the car. It wasn’t very fun, but it got the job done and she didn’t seem to mind one bit. As usual, we have enough candy to last a good long time. Incidentally, the Portland area got incredible amounts of rain that day and the public transit trains ended up making national news for getting flooded and plowing into flood waters. I only plowed forward after knowing darn well it was a little puddle that I’d watched others go through, not a big low lying area in the city. The rain totals were pretty high, but the fall leaves always clog and wreak havoc here with the rain. My car still runs after my puddle jumping and hopefully it will for a good long time, but I’m not so sure about the expensive trains. It won’t matter cause they’ll just do a tax increase and get a couple new ones. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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