Black Friday is not my thing. It’s not that I don’t like deals, but rather I find them all the other days of the year. I have friends who get a real kick out of the crowds and shopping on Black Friday. I hate crowds! Personally, I am addicted to watching the nightly news after the event to see what kind of crazy stuff goes down at Walmart and then I shake my head about society’s decline. Last year for “Black Friday” we were in Rome and I was shocked that the term had been exported overseas. Our decadent American consumerism went worldwide minus the Thanksgiving ritual the day before. Frankly, Thanksgiving makes me CRAZY and have cabin fever so bad that I don’t need to be convinced to #OptOutside, but I somehow don’t visualize REI’s consumer base as being the ones who make the news on Black Friday. I could be wrong…. Maybe we could start a webside called “People of REI”. The closest thing to “Black Friday” I have ever done is when I got convinced by a sales person at REI to “become a member” so I could shop the great deals at the gear sale. I was intrigued and excited cause the next sale was the next day in downtown Portland. I got up early and left suburbia to find the line going down the street. I never made it to the gear sale after a LONG wait in the cold cause I had also scheduled family photos that day and I didn’t realize I needed to wait in line all day long.


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