Dating in the good ol’ days

Once upon a time, I came across an ad in the personals in the USA today that had a guy from my small town looking for love. I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever read and I think I probably called my friend immediately to tell her all about it.  Funny because my small town was mentioned in the big newspaper and for a funny reason. Anyway, fast forward there was this invention called the internet and dating sites have evolved A LOT from the “personals”. I’ve never been on a dating site, but it would probably be safer in my opinion to just stick to hiking forums for that and end up with someone worthwhile. Qualifications: You must carry the pack! I like to enjoy my hike after all and not get too sweaty.

Ok so my Utah high school had this event in the fall at Halloween time, it was a long standing tradition and anyone who wanted to participate was welcome to do so. If you decide to throw your name in the hat, a 1980’s vintage computer would then do some fancy algorithms and out would spit your name paired up with someone you had to chase and catch. Girls were always chasers. Couples in love might bow out of the tradition and miss out entirely on this classic event. Once you had your date’s name, then you had to plan on how to catch him. You usually went in packs of girls or met other people along the way doing the same thing and joined in to help them catch their guy and they helped you. If the guy got lucky and he got a nice looking gal, it was still NOT KOSHER to be an easy catch. The chasing occurred on foot or vehicle: through houses, yards, hills, and mountains. As my neighborhood was next to the mountains, the girls had better be equipped with a lot of friends and all terrain vehicles. After much chasing of my guy, I fell down a hill, skinned, bloodied, and bruised my knee. At that point, we threw in the towel and I limped a few miles down the hill to my friend’s house. In spite of my misfortune, it was a hilarious tradition which brought strangers together to help others catch their guy who had better put up a good run, but not too good. (LIKE MINE!!) Then, groups of unknown people would spend a night of fun together. As you can imagine, there are far too many liabilities for an event like that these days.

Anyone who has ever been to Disneyland will recognize this classic!

Anyone who has ever been to Disneyland will instantly recognize this classic!


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