Back to the FUTURE

Everyone is talking about the iconic film this week. Just like any other eighties American kid, I saw it about a billion times. I need to request it from the library cause my kids are excited about it, but they’ve never seen it. After I texted my friend today, I realized that somewhere out there I have a picture of either me or her at Universal Studios Hollywood with Christoper Lloyd from circa 1992. I then went on a hunt through my pictures looking for it to no avail. I have about 20 photo albums and I don’t have any idea where that photo is. I had been in my photos the other day so I didn’t have much hope that I’d find it and I didn’t. When we got our picture taken with Christopher Lloyd, it was at some Back to the Future area at Universal Studios. We were a couple of small town kids on a high school orchestra trip and Christopher Lloyd came from some back stage location. I was very skeptical that it could actually be him and not some look alike employee, but who knows. At any rate, it would have been a very funny picture to share today. Later that day, the 2 of us were ushered out of the park cause we had stayed until closing time along with other people. (It wasn’t even dark!) Then, when we discovered our fellow music students playing nerf football outside our rental bus and they started hollering at us as to where we had been?????????? We discovered that we didn’t listen to instructions on return time and they had been waiting for us for over an hour. Β We became the musicians non grata and got teased the rest of the trip. #FUNNY MEMORIES


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