A few days ago, I remembered that it was my uncle’s birthday this week. Then I forgot and last night I remembered and wondered if I’d missed it. Since it was today, I sent myself a reminder last night. I visited him in February 2014, but hadn’t talked to him since; unless you count email. My uncle in his 8th decade. Once upon a time, he had a dream of building a ski resort and so he did. Sometimes we are forced out of our dreams and so he was. He would again go on to successfully start, run, and manage another big business venture until in his eighties. He still travels the world to remote off the beaten path destinations. To say the least, he is fit, healthy, and leads an active lifestyle. However, he has gone through some very challenging personal situations as you’d expect from anyone who had made it that far. I am currently reading a book about success and failure. A key element is that we must ADAPT. Last year, I talked to him about some of his life experiences and it was very interesting. He was mostly a businessman so we talked about that. When you are a child, you don’t ask a lot of questions and I was with him a lot as a child. As an adult, I like to be very inquisitive into others’ lives. It is amazing the things you learn. Before the internet and blogosphere, we could only learn from people we knew or people who were interesting enough to be written about in books. Now, I am constantly made aware of others’ challenges and honors like cancer and their kid making prom queen from facebook. The world has evolved a lot and some of it is for the better. Birthdays are a good excuse to reconnect and texting doesn’t count. You never know if you will get another opportunity.

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