The game of all games……

When we picked up my husband at PDX on Saturday morning, we never imagined we’d be watching our favorite UTES play that night. The UTES joined the PAC12 a few years ago and we had been trying to get down to see them play, but I had never opted to buy tickets beforehand due to the potential of local rainy conditions. #fairweatherfan Furthermore, if I’m going to pay a lot of $$$$$ I want to enjoy myself! Well, Saturday weather was gorgeous so we decided to go after we managed to find a last minute points room. It was totally meant to be because in the past they would not accept points bookings for game nights. Last minute travel can work out nicely. The room availability made the trek a lot more appealing since we wouldn’t be driving home after a tiring football game and the best benefit was that it was within easy walking distance of the famous and beautiful Autzen stadium. It was our first football game as an entire family and we made it until just after halftime until giving up from getting a bit chilly and complaining exhausted children. Then, we finished watching the game from the hotel lobby while enjoying hot cocoa. We went for the UTES and didn’t expect a win, but it turned out to be a history making game for our team. #GOUTES

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